DEKRA increases revenue and transforms for the future

Goals for 2022 achieved

  • Global revenue grows by 7.4% to 3.8 billion euros in the fiscal year 2022
  • Investments rose by around one-third, reaching 143 million euros
  • Test services for EV batteries and charging infrastructure in high demand
  • Over 500 service offerings for sustainable business operations
  • Securing leading positions in Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence through acquisitions and joint venture
  • New market entries in vehicle testing services
  • Optimistic outlook for fiscal year 2023: DEKRA expects mid-to-high single dig-it revenue growth

DEKRA has successfully increased its revenue as planned in the fiscal year 2022 and completed key strategic projects. "We had the right answers to the challenges of the past year and are very pleased with a boost in revenue of 7.4%", said CEO Stan Zurkiewicz at the company’s annual press conference. "At the same time, we managed to invest heavily in our future business, launch innovative services, and successfully filled two newly created board member positions. This laid the foun-dations for future profitable growth”, Zurkiewicz added.

Optimistic outlook for 2023

DEKRA has started well into 2023: in the first quarter, revenue amounted to 990 million euros, 12.8% higher than the previous year. DEKRA CEO Zurkiewicz is optimistic for the full year results: "We believe that we can continue to grow in the range a mid-to-high single digit in 2023 despite geopolitical and macroeco-nomic risks, thanks to our strong market positions worldwide and a compelling portfolio of new services in our focus areas of future mobility, cyber security, and sustainability."

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