81 CEE Companies Expanded to Austria in 2022

Their step abroad was supported by the Austrian Business Agency (ABA). One of the firms is VERDI Solutions whose activities focus on cancer research.

An increasing number of Eastern European companies are deciding to set up business operations in Austria. On balance, ABA’s business area INVEST in AUSTRIA served 358 international companies investing € 490.7 million in the business location of Austria, the third best performance achieved in its corporate history. 81 of these companies come from Southeast and Eastern Europe. They invested € 35.6 million in Austria and created 220 new jobs. The largest number of these firms were from neighbouring Hungary (12), followed by Slovakia (11) and the Czech Republic (9). The Austrian business location offers extensive competitive advantages for companies. “The Austrian Business Agency is exactly the right contact point for all companies from Southeast and Eastern Europe aiming to expand their businesses. We provide individual support and get involved in all issues relating to the business location,” says Birgit Reiter-Braunwieser, Director Central & Eastern Europe – INVEST in AUSTRIA.

Why companies value Austria

As a startup founder, Julianna Lisziewicz, CEO of VERDI Solutions, is convinced of Austria as a business location: "We have experienced an innovative startup ecosystem in Austria with a clear focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and personalized medicine, which perfectly fits our technology and business model. This is complemented by transparent and supportive funding opportunities, for example through the aws, as well as excellent communication with stakeholders such as the ABA and a reliable business environment, for example in the area of production, legal regulation as well as in collaboration with clinics. In 2022, we established VERDI Solutions in Vienna to provide individualized vaccines for cancer patients. We use cutting-edge technology to increase the chances of cure with vaccines developed individually for each patient. The AI infrastructure as well as vaccine development and preparation are based in Austria."

According to Ms. Lisziewicz, the healing of cancer patients not only depends on top-notch doctors in excellent oncological clinics. It also requires the cooperation with innovative scientists who are capable of offering state-of-the-art precision medicine, as well as a supportive business and legal framework. “This is precisely what Austria offers all innovative startups,” VERDI Solution’s Managing Director concludes.

About the Austrian Business Agency (ABA)

As a subsidiary of the Federal Ministry for Labour and Economy, the Austrian business location consultancy Austrian Business Agency (ABA) strives to make Austria attractive to international companies, skilled workers and film producers. With its three business areas INVEST in AUSTRIA, WORK in AUSTRIA and FILM in AUSTRIA, ABA consults and supports international companies, skilled workers and film producers at no cost regarding all issues relating to the business, research and work location as well as to Austria as a film location. >> We simply make it easy.


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