DEKRA Positioned for the Future Thanks to Focus on Safety, Security and Sustainability

  • Automated and connected driving: further investment at the Lausitzring test facility
  • Renewable energies: new photovoltaic lab opened in China
  • E-mobility: fast battery test patented and launched on the market
  • Cyber security: leading technology companies join customer base
  • Vehicle inspection business: expansion continues with entry into Spanish and Costa Rican market
  • Hydrogen: support for launch of first truck rental fleet and BMW consumption test

DEKRA is managing to successfully withstand the economic and political upheaval in the crisis-ridden year 2022. The global expert organization ex-pects to achieve sales of almost 3.7 billion euros this year, an increase of about 5%. “Thanks to our strong market position and the ongoing trend for greater safety, security, and sustainability, we remain on our growth tar-get,” said Stan Zurkiewicz, who has been DEKRA CEO and Chairman of the Management Board since April 2022. The focus is on leveraging oppor-tunities for growth in areas with great potential going forward, such as fu-ture mobility, cyber security, and sustainability. For the DEKRA boss, one particular area of interest will be the creation of a hydrogen economy. “If we want to accelerate the transition towards a hydrogen-based future, we will need to step up investments in hydrogen infrastructure and establish a comprehensive regulatory framework to assure safe adoption of the tech-nology,” explains Zurkiewicz. “Then green hydrogen will be able to play a key role in combating climate change thanks to its wide range of potential applications.” The DEKRA CEO is also aiming to realize the digital trans-formation of DEKRA’s service portfolio, all while ensuring customers’ needs are placed front and center. This is how the expert organization will become the global partner for a safe, secure, and sustainable world.

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