CSG Aerospace will once again appear at the prestigious World ATM Congress in Madrid

The World ATM Congress is taking place in Madrid in June. It is the most important event of the year in the field of Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Management, therefore the companies in the CSG Aerospace division of the Czechoslovak Group take this opportunity to participate once again. Software developers CS SOFT and ATRAK as well as radar manufacturers ELDIS and RETIA from Pardubice will be presenting their products and solutions in the Spanish capital from the 21st to 23rd of June.

"Due to the measures against the spread of COVID-19 and the alternative date, this year's World ATM Congress is taking place only nine months after the last event which was unconventionally held in October. However, we are very pleased that our companies can once again present themselves to the professional and general public at a joint stand. We are confident that this time also, our range of innovations, products and solutions will make an impression in Madrid," says Aleš Kvídera, CEO of CSG Aerospace.

In Madrid, CS SOFT will present its products for air traffic control services – ALS ATM system, currently delivered as the main system for Kaunas, Lithuania, where it will also serve as a backup system for Vilnius, the ATC simulator, PAGODA solution for datalink traffic monitoring, Traffic Complexity Manager, and RadarView which is an advanced multi-purpose tool for situational awareness and air traffic incident investigation delivered to Oro Navigacija.

ATRAK, another software company in the division based at Prague's Václav Havel Airport, will present its products designed in particular for air traffic control at the exhibition. Of particular interest, the Aeronautical Billing (ATRAK-AB), is a fully automated billing system that collects and processes flight plan data from ATM systems and optionally from other sources (airport surveillance data, radar data, weather systems). Other systems presented at the exhibition will be Aeronautical Statistics (ATRAK-AS) and Aeronautical Information Management (ATRAK-AIM).

As a novelty at this year's exhibition, ATRAK will present a software solution in the field of UTM (Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management), together with CS SOFT.

The Pardubice-based radar manufacturer ELDIS will not only exhibit its solutions in the field of primary and secondary radars, but also the ERDIS air traffic control automation system. ELDIS will present its new version of the PAR-NG precision approach radar in Madrid as its new solution.

RETIA will present its ReGuard 3D radar, perfect example for counter-drone protection of airports or critical infrastructure facilities, and ReDat Recording Systems for recording voice, video and other relevant data in ATC.

The World ATM Congress is the world's largest air traffic control exhibition and conference. It is co-organized by the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO) and the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA). The three-day event will be attended by 250 exhibitors from 135 countries. The World ATM Congress has traditionally provided the context, content and contacts which shape the future of global airspace.

About CSG Aerospace

CSG Aerospace is a division of the Czechoslovak Group holding, which represents several Czech and Slovak companies operating in aviation-related fields. The companies complement one another with their products and services, offering customers comprehensive and professional solutions in many areas of both the civil and security sector. The division consists of ELDIS Pardubice, RETIA, EUROPEAN AIR SERVICES, Česká letecká servisní, CS SOFT, ATRAK, JOB AIR Technic, and Slovak Training Academy.

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