EW Nutrition achieves PCAS Certification in Australia

EW Nutrition has successfully passed an external audit conducted by the Cattle Council of Australia (CCA) and achieved Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System (PCAS) certification for three products: Activo Premium, Mastersorb Gold, and Prote-N.

The PCAS is a certification program that enables grassfed cattle producers to prove claims relating to pasturefed or grassfed production methods. EW Nutrition also achieved two optional modules under the PCAS Standards relating to the freedom from antibiotics and hormone growth promotants (HGPs). As a certified supplier, EW Nutrition is able to provide feed products to the industry to support pasturefed or grassfed production methods.

“We are pleased to receive the certification for our solution offerings in Australia. The qualification of these products is a testament of our commitment to work together with the industry to mitigate the impact of antimicrobial resistance. By pursuing our objectives in animal nutrition, our work contributes to increasing the efficacy of human healthcare.” said David Sherwood, Commercial Director Oceania with EW Nutrition.

The PCAS certified products are:

Activo Premium

Activo Premium contains standardized amounts of selected phytomolecules.

Mastersorb Gold

Mastersorb Gold is part of EW Nutrition's Toxin Risk Management Program, which also includes services, on-site advice, and expert consultancy.


Prote-N is a slow-release source of nonprotein nitrogen (NPN).

About EW Nutrition

EW Nutrition offers animal nutrition solutions to the feed industry. The company’s focus is on gut health, supported by other product lines. EW Nutrition researches, develops, produces, sells and services most of the products it commercializes. In 50 countries, key accounts are served directly by EW Nutrition’s own personnel.

For more information, please visit https://ew-nutrition.com

For more information about PCAS, please visit https://pcaspasturefed.com.au/


Zack Mai

Marketing Manager, EW Nutrition South East Asia/Pacific

Phone no.: +65 6735 0038

Email: zack.mai@ew-nutrition.com

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