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According data of the World Health Organisation a virus COVID-19 stays active on glass, plastic and metal surfaces up to 5 days. For this reason one way of virus spreading in transportation is via payment readers where passengers insert their payment cards or mobile phones.

An infected person can bring virus on them by touching a reader with his card or phone, and the phone as the main mean of communication among people, becomes a point of virus concentration from which it can further spread on hands and face of passenger.

The company TELEMATIC developed a patented technology of touch-less payment for transport which allows ticket paying with any smartphone at the cross of payment point at the entrance to a bus or underground while the phone can be situated in a passenger ´s pocket or his bag.

The technology is ready to a pilot use in real transport environment, in all kinds of city public transport including underground.

The technology is synergic and allows payments at parking lots, in car washes, for fuel at tank stations, driving on roads with fees (at driving through a toll gate at speed 30 km/h), payments for entrance into certain countries, providing of new services in fast food restaurants (McDonald‘s, Pizza Hut, etc.), control of elevators in hotels or large blocks off flats.

The system was professionally evaluated by the European Patent Office, the patent is expected to be issued in August or September this year.

Today it is our contribution to the fight with coronavirus. It is the most important to inform public that such technology exists, to test it fast in larger extend and then applied it.

The company TELEMATIC is focused on new technologies and IT development in a transportation segment. Its solutions and improvements are based on knowledge of bank, IT and transport industry. Its mission is to provide the best functions of software SaaS (Software as Service) to companies which are willing to get the best for their customers.

After publishing of this report it will be our pleasure to answer all journalist inquiries in English in 7 days as the latest.

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