New Production Plant of Anvis Romania-Doubled Production Capacity

Today, Anvis ROM S.R.L. officially opens its new production plant at Industrial Park South. With this step, Anvis is expanding the local production capacities of anti-vibration products for the automotive industry. So far, about 20 million pieces have been produced annually. "The increasing capacity meets the growing needs of our customers in the region," Olaf Hahn, CEO of the Anvis Group, explained. Anvis ROM supplies clients such as Renault Group, Audi, VW, Porsche and Daimler, who are more and more shifting their production to countries in Eastern Europe.

"With the new plant, we are consequently continuing the growth path the company has started with the takeover by TRI (Sumitomo Riko from 1 October 2014) last year," Olaf Hahn continued. In addition to the changing market conditions the new plant has also been constructed according to the newest process and environmental standards, so that the Anvis Group is also contributing to sustainability. Above all, the company is involved in social projects and collaborates with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Anvis ROM started operating in 2003 with the same activities as today. The turnover in the past year amounts to nearly 32 million Euro. The new building was built in the period from June 2013 to April this year, which almost doubled the production area of 4,200 to 8,100 square meters. With more than 200 employees Anvis ranks among the main employers in Satu Mare. In the coming years another 100 jobs will be generated. Plant manager Florin Popovici welcomed today 80 well-known politicians and economists in the opening ceremony.

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