Anvis France Decize: Strengthening Technological Competence

The Anvis Group is investing in the modernisation and expansion of its rubber mixing department as well as in the development and production company for chassis components in the plant in Decize, central France.

Due to historical existing structural problems in the production of automotive components since the takeover of the former Michelin plant, the Anvis Group is shutting down the manufacture of vibration units. This strategic re-organisation is the foundation for continuing to be successful on the vibration unit market and applying resources optimally throughout the company. "In this way we will satisfy our client's demands for competitive prices and fast delivery", Olaf Hahn, CEO of the Anvis Group, explained. The production shift required the downsizing of 194 jobs. On the other hand, "re-orientation in Decize secures the jobs of 259 well-trained employees on location". The re-organisation in French Decize and thereby the preservation of the location was made possible thanks to the long-term investment strategy of Tokai Rubber Industries (TRI), which took over the Anvis Group completely in the past year.

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