APA presents the first news application for the touch-table Surface * News agency introduces new touch solution for Microsoft Surface - Innovations for media as a way out of the crisis

APA - Austria Press Agency was the first news agency in Europe to introduce this innovative and personalised news presentation for the touch-table Microsoft Surface. By means of a personal scan code the system provides personal interest-relevant content - operated intuitively using the hands and fingers.

Conceived of and programmed by APA, the application ‘MediaSurface’ provides insight into the news consumption of the future and is to serve the media and publishing houses as an incentive for new business models to be able to respond to widespread structural change. “We want to be an enabler in the area of new technologies like the iPad or Surface”, says APA Managing Director Peter Kropsch. For this the agency offers so-called white label solutions “which can run under our clients’ brand, look, feel and design”. Events, trade shows, public and semi-public areas such as lobbies and foyers are seen as areas of use for Surface tables.

The special thing about the APA Surface solution is that it emphases the user and all his personal attributes, identifies him by means of a code, and guides him to an individualised, animated and self-navigating news environment. Content is provided to the user in a multimedia fashion, that is as text, image, graphics, audio and video, and is a precise reflection of his interests and informational needs.

The personal news review can be transferred to any photo-capable mobile or smartphone by means of a click and enjoyed while on the go.

Video: http://go.ots.at/krGSpEq6

Further information:

Barbara Rauchwarter

Company Spokesperson

Director of Marketing and Communication

Laimgrubengasse 10, 1010 Wien


Tel.: +43 1 36060-5710

mailto: Barbara.rauchwarter@apa.at

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