APA-IT and AFP to jointly develop new scheduling system * APA subsidiary and French news agency are cooperating on a new planning tool for editorial events.

APA-IT and Agence France-Presse (AFP) are joining forces for the development of an innovative scheduling system that will usher in a new era for the editorial planning as well as service of both new agencies.

The aim of the new multilingual application for the editorial management of news events is to make the editorial planning of internal and external schedules more detailed and convenient. It will also be possible to plan and access related articles, photos, graphics or videos directly. As a result, customers of the news agency receive a precise real-time preview of the planned coverage and an overview of the event-related reporting which has already taken place throughout all media formats.

“Both parties will benefit from the cooperation“, APA-IT Managing Director Gerald Klima reports on the successful cooperation between Vienna and Paris: “APA-IT already has years of experience, after all, it is already the fifth scheduling system we’ve developed. AFP, in contrast, brings the breath of fresh air and new ideas necessary after so many years. Together we will elevate the project to an international level.”

AFP-CEO Pierre Louette points to the importance of cooperations: “These days cooperation is necessary. We benefit more from sharing than from trying to isolate ourselves.”

About APA-IT

APA-IT Informations Technologie GmbH offers full-service solutions focused on the areas of media solutions and IT outsourcing. The know-how of the media industry as a subsidiary of APA make APA-IT a solutions specialist for publishing houses and enterprises involved in media-related tasks.

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