CEO of Canadian Mining Company Tells Of Possible Gold Mine in Yemen

Cantex Mine Development (Vancouver: CD) (Canadian Venture Exchange: CDNX) CEO, Charles Fipke, the geologist who discovered diamonds in Canada's Lac de Gras region, told that they may have also discovered a gold mine in Yemen. Fipke told, "Both my geologists think it's a mine." When the reporter varied the question to name the highly respected geologists, Fipke again confirmed their confidence that this would become a gold mine, saying, "They both do. Peter (Ogryzlo), he's got 35 years experience. He was the mine geologist at Twin Peaks. He said that Al Hariqah was 'the best gold property he's ever been on.'" Asked for further details about the potential on Centex's Al Hariqah property in Yemen, Fipke replied, "He (John Churchill, the onsite geologist) thinks it's a huge low-grade heap leachable deposit. He's worked all his life on gold in Nevada." Fipke also made comparisons between Yemen and Nevada, but noted differences as well, saying, "Yeah, the only thing is, it's not quite like Nevada. We stopped counting when we saw 70 visible gold showings in the rock. We probably found more like a hundred. The problem is the grade sizes. Some of the gold is going to be bigger than in Nevada. And so, we may have to put it in a gravity concentrator to take out the big gold before it would be heap leached." Cantex Mine Development recently began trading on Canada's new Canadian Venture Exchange. Full-length interview may be viewed online at, or hyperlink With over 1.5 million user impressions per month, StockHouse has emerged as a premier financial content provider and has earned its position as Canada's #1 financial media web site. StockHouse is a global corporation, providing breaking news and information on stocks from its offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and the UK. ots Original Text Service: StockHouse Media Corporation Internet: Contact: StockHouse Media Corporation, +1 (877)-861-9222, or e-mail, Web site:



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