How to write the perfect press release

Every contributor who uses Protext wants their press release to interest as many subscribers as possible (journalists, corporations, government institutions, etc.). Your text will have a much greater chance of success if you follow these rules:

  • A short heading (eye-catching, relevant)
  • The place and date
  • A summary of the content in the opening two or three sentences
  • The text of your message
  • Quotes from important representatives of your company regarding the main subject of the press release
  • Basic information about the company that can be used as background for journalists
  • The contact details of a company representative capable of supplying more details to journalists

Obviously, the actual content must be interesting, topical and – above all – truthful.


Protext – serving clients for twelve years!

Prague, 2 January (PROTEXT)

The Czech news Agency’s PROTEXT service has proved a big draw for Czech and foreign clients alike for twelve years now. Launched in its present form by ČTK back in 1999, it is designed to distribute unabridged press releases and other texts published by companies and individuals.

Protext is a fast, cheap service where clients’ information is supplied directly to members of the Czech and international press, independent journalists, the economic sphere, public administration and the professional public. All these recipients use Protext press releases as a source of information that places fresh, undistorted news at their disposal directly from the source. The Protext service can be used to publish photographs as well as ordinary text.

The Managing Director of ČTK Milan Stibral says: "PROTEXT is a really exceptional service that enables delivering press releases into editors' offices of Czech and Slovak media, into important national institutions and other companies. Through the Newton Media Agency and Anopress the releases are distributed to other clients according to the field of their interest."

About ČTK The Czech News Agency (ČTK) was set up in 1918. Its mission is to provide objective, comprehensive news (text, images, audio and video) to all leading media, government institutions and businesses.
The PROTEXT commercial service took its bow in 1999.

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