Price list and technical specifications of Protext TV

For placing a video in CTK Videobank, conveying a link to it to thousands of news service (media, government, economic sphere) users via CTK’s distribution network, attaching the full wording of the copy that you provide for the video (either a short annotation or a press release), as well as for posting it on and distributing it to Protext e-mail service subscribers, we charge:


Discounted offer – pre-payment

If you prepay a package comprising a bunch of videos, your per video price will get cheaper. All pre-paid videos will be published by the Czech News Agency upon your request anytime throughout a year period.

Number of videos Price per video Discount Package price
3 videos CZK 7 100 16% CZK 21 300
5 videos CZK 6 500 24% CZK 32 500
10 videos CZK 6 100 28% CZK 61 000

These prices do not include 20% VAT.

Technical specifications of video:

The video you submit via this web site’s interface must have the following parameters:

PAL 720x576 25fps
Video codec: MSDV, bitrate 25 Mbps CBR
Audio codec: Stereo 48kHz, 16bit, linear PCM
*.MPG, PAL 720x576 25fps
Video codec: MPEG2 2-pass VBR, min. bitrate 2,5 Mbps, target bitrate 4,2 Mbps, maximum bitrate 9Mbps.
Audio codec: Mono 48kHz, 16bit, Layer 2, 224 Kbps

Copy for the video:

- The copy complementing your video should contain a brief, apposite caption.
- The copy can either be a short synopsis or a press release.
- It should conclude with a contact for those interested in more information.