About Protext TV

Protext TV is an extension of the Protext service, which is expanding its services to include posting commercial video supplied by the client. If you are looking to present an event, new product, project or interview using video, Protext TV is the most effective way to quickly and directly address the media, politicians, government officials or economic sphere.

posting your video   ALL SUBSCRIBERS
+ attaching brief synopsis or press release   THE PUBLIC VIA THE INTERNET

Your video, including a short synopsis or press release provided by you, will be placed in Czech News Agency’s Videobank, and a link to it will reach thousands of Czech News Agency news service users within a few hours.


Click on your video, we’ll deliver it to all those it relates to:


You can submit your video via the web interface on these pages.


Your video will appear in CTK Videobank within 6 hours after receipt of order.


Your video will be posted in its entirety, including the synopsis or press release you attach


When should you use Protext TV?

  • For publishing news videos that you can’t get placed in the media and you want to promote.
  • For publishing promo videos for a new product or project.
  • When responding to a situation, statements or interviews.
  • For publishing videos that used to be relegated only to corporate or personal sites.

Protext TV’s main advantages

  • The most effective and quickest way to expand access to your PR video en masse.
  • Unlimited number of views – embedded videos are available permanently.
  • Possibility of searching according to themes in CTK Videobank section.
  • Clarity for the user – includes a preview of each video in high quality, information content, direct contact with the contracting authority.

Other features

  • Possibility of working with CTK’s video news team, which can film or modify your video according to your desire.

Your video will be available from these web sites:



the video will be placed here

placement among footage usable for TV and Internet programs, reportages, advertisements and presentations

visits from the ranks of professionals from the media sphere + news service users + the public



the video link will be placed here

high Internet rankings (PageRank) ensures top position in Internet search engines

several thousand customers to whose inboxes we send published information + the public


More information / contact

Česká tisková kancelář – Czech News Agency
PROTEXT Department
Opletalova 5
111 44 Prague 1

tel.: +420 222 098 175
+420 222 098 368
+420 222 098 275
e-mail: protext@ctk.cz
web: www.protext.cz