Price list

The following prices are charged for disseminating your unabridged press release via the ČTK distribution network to thousands of ČTK press service users (the media, public administration, the corporate segment) and for publishing your press release at We charge you the prices as follows:

Price for basic 150-word press release 2 500 CZK
Every 30 additional words 300 CZK

Discount if prepaid

The price of your press releases will be cheaper if you buy a multi-release package. ČTK will then publish your prepaid releases any time you request over a one-year period. Prepaid press releases should have no more than 500 words. If your press release is longer, you will be charged an extra CZK 200 per additional 30 words.

Number of press releases Price (CZK)
3 6 300
5 9 500
10 18 000

Prices are quoted exclusive of 21% VAT. Photographs and logos can be added to press releases FREE OF CHARGE.

Would you like to publish your press releases on Czech News Agency news sites such as České noviny (Czech News), Sportovní noviny (Sports News) or Finanční noviny (Financial News)? We will be happy to help. Call (+420)2222098175.

Website Price for news release,
including photo and logo
Guaranteed number
of impressions per week
Czech News Agency news sites* 65 000 CZK 800 000
České - Homepage 35 000 CZK 100 000
České - sitewide, except Homepage 37 000 CZK 400 000
České - CN magazine for women 5 000 CZK 60 000
Finanční - Homepage 10 000 CZK 35 000
Finanční - sitewide, except Homepage 35 000 CZK 180 000
Sportovní - Homepage 8 500 CZK 25 000
Sportovní - sitewide, except Homepage 16 000 CZK 70 000

* "Czech News Agency news sites" comprises all news servers

Prices are quoted exclusive of 21% VAT.