Writing press releases

Writing press releases

You need not write the press release by yourself, we will do it for you. The CTK journalists will prepare the professional press release using the materials you will send us. The service cost is CZK 2,000 – 2,500 depending on the documents provided. Please contact us at protext@ctk.cz or call +420 222 098 175.

Nabízené služby:

Jazyková korektura - 1 500 Kč
Novinářská editace - 2 000 Kč
(kombinace jazykové korektury a novinářské editace 2 500 Kč)

Tvorba tiskové zprávy - od 3 000 Kč
(v závislosti na rozsahu zprávy)

Want to learn how to write a press release properly? The CTK Academy offers a one-day course "How to communicate with journalists".

The course content

The course focuses on how to write well the press release, how to evaluate information, how to cope with an interview or a press conference, which language is to be used to make the press release clear and readable. The accent is put not only on theory but also the practical exercises and their continuous evaluation. The instructor is a very experienced journalist. The course includes also a visit of a news room, as well as demonstration of how our largest news agency interconnects various media – text, photo, video, audio, graphics – in its news service.

More information and course dates may be found here.

The main principles when writing a press release

The wish of each Protext approaching submitter is to make its press release attracted attention of as many journalists and readers as possible. To have any effect, its text must be properly constructed and especially it must contain interesting, update and truthful information. The most important thing is to have something to say.

Your text will have a much greater chance of success if you follow these rules:

  • Headline – must be brief, catchy and concise; it must catch attention
  • Place and date
  • Introduction – a brief summary of the content into the first two or three sentences, an answer to the questions of what, who, where and when
  • Text of the press release – details expanding the key message
  • Quotes – the quotes enliven the message
  • Background – some basic information about the company itself to be used as a "background" for the journalists
  • Contact – who will provide further details to the journalists