Protext Video

About Protext Video

PROTEXT Video provides a direct video transmission from your press conference, public announcement, new product introduction, event with partners, etc. You can have your own cameraman or we can arrange it for you. Direct transmission runs in real time on the news server České and CTK Protext Facebook.

Videostream is part of CTK's news service. It is received by more than 900 journalists, representatives of companies and state institutions. Before shooting, we will first release a trailer in CTK schedules including embed code that can be embedded on a web page. After the end of the broadcast, the video is still available in CTK's Videobank, so we potentially multiply the possibility of publication in national media. With Protext Video you save time and costs both for the press conference organizers and the media.

The video also remains on CTK's news site České and Facebook CTK Protext.


Czech News Agency
Protext department
Opletalova 5
111 44 Praha 1

tel.: +420 222 098 202

Terms of service

Within Protext Video service may be distributed commercial as well as non-commercial videos. CTK reserves the right to refuse live streaming if its content is in violation of law, good morals, or damages the name of the agency. The content of the video is the responsibility of the client.

Why order a live videostream?

It will get your message to the editorial offices of Czech and foreign media

You will address professionals

You will address the general public - your video will see live (and recorded) readers of CTK news server Č and optionally also,,, and other portals

Video transmissions are ensured by

Client - client provides a video signal code that CTK further distributes

CTK - we will provide our own cameraman - we inform our subscribers in advance about the transmission. We provide embed codes to upload to their websites. Some sites, such as Seznam, iDnes and Blesk, receive transmissions directly through the RTMP server.


1. In case the client has own cameraman + signal and CTK ensures only distribution - 10.000 CZK

2. CTK provides the crew + distribution - 23..000 CZK

3. Additional cost for broadcasting on,,, and other portals - 12.000 CZK

Examples of former videostreams