CTK Protext Service

The service description

CTK Protext includes distribution of press releases within the CTK news service and Protext Online service.

CTK Protext will enable you to use the communication network of the Czech News Agency to spread your own press release. The message will be received by the news agency service subscribers, thus by almost all media in the Czech Republic, and also by representatives of companies and state administration. Within the Protext Online service, we distribute the text by e-mail to up to 6000 addresses. The message will be included in CTK news applications for smart phones.

In addition to the Internet, we also use a satellite broadcasting for the distribution. The texts remain stored in CTK Infobank, thus being permanently accessible for the journalists. Together with the press release we will publish free photos that we place also to CTK Photobank.

Thanks to the news aggregator your information will get also to other readers. The texts are available via the web at www.protext.cz and, for some time, also at www.ctk.cz.

Service description (PDF)

More information:

Česká tisková kancelář
Protext Department
Opletalova 5
111 44 Praha 1

tel.: +420 222 098 175
e-mail: protext@ctk.cz

Benefits and distribution channels

SPACE SCOPE - your press release receive journalists from almost all Czech media with a large number of subscribers from governmental authorities and corporate segment.

SPEED - the press releases will reach the subscribers within 4 hours from their delivery to Protext.

MULTIMEDIA – the press releases may content photos and logos. The photos will be placed also to the CTK Photobank.

UNIQUE COMMUNICATION TOOLS – satellite broadcasting, CTK Infobank, the e-mail service and the CTK applications for smartphones are used for distribution of your press releases.

NEWS ARCHIVING - the press releases are permanently stored in CTK Infobank, journalists' basic research tool in Czech editorial offices; subsequently journalists may, therefore, get back to the press release.

To obtain a complete media list contact us at protext@ctk.cz

Price list

Number of press releases Price Length of text
1 press release 3 000 CZK 150 words (excluding title & contact information), 300 CZK for each additional 30 words
3 press releases 8 000 CZK 500 words
5 press releases 11 500 CZK
10 press releases 21 000 CZK

The prices are without 21% DPH