Chello broadband n.v. Launches New Era In Internet Video Delivery With ClearBand Technology

ClearBand Technology Enables chello Subscribers To Receive Picture Perfect, Full Screen TV Quality Video chello broadband n.v. (chello),, Europe's first and leading broadband internet service provider and an operating company of United Pan-Europe Communications N.V. (UPC) (Nasdaq: UPCOY; Amsterdam: UPC), today announced its pioneering initiative to offer access to ClearBand's groundbreaking video technology. chello is ClearBand's first major licensee and will be available to chello subscribers at and also on chello's international showcase site from September. ClearBand technology captures, encodes and broadcasts full screen, TV quality images from any video source (i.e. VCR, video camera), in real time. Developed jointly with ClearBand, as part of chello's Broadband Laboratory programme, ClearBand is the first comprehensive video technology solution designed specifically for the broadband and private network markets. ClearBand provides content providers and distributors an easy-to-use, cost effective solution for delivering full screen, 30 frames per second television quality video through real time video capture and encoding from multiple sources. With ClearBand, chello broadband subscribers will experience a highly scalable broadband video solution with data transfer rates starting from 300 kbps and rising to 2 Mbps. chello subscribers will be able to enjoy this transparent interface and seamless video content without having to download a separate client. "This is breakthrough technology which takes advantage of the real power offered by broadband internet. Reinforcing chello broadband's position as Europe's leading brand, chello subscribers will be the first in the world to have live access to high quality, full screen, TV quality video directly on their PCs using this unique technology," says Roger Lynch, president and chief financial officer of chello. chello will be using this new technology to deliver the highest quality resolution and viewing experience available over an IP network. Users will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of ClearBand -- enhanced entertainment options. These options will include films, music videos and news feeds, among others. An experienced production team edits video content on-line before entering the system through chello's central data centre in Amsterdam. It is then replicated to chello affiliates across Europe and stored on local servers, removing any delays to the consumer. Aorta, chello's global network and Europe's first tier one carrier class backbone, ensures maximised speed and quality delivery. "Unlike any other broadcasting solution on the market today, ClearBand delivers on the promise of TV quality video directly to a PC desktop, finally bringing Internet broadcasting to the levels consumers expect," said Patrick Daleiden, chief executive officer of ClearBand. "chello will greatly benefit from our solution by being the first broadband provider to offer their customers full screen 'consumer quality' flawless video." "chello is committed to offering a customers the highest quality broadband experience available today", said Sudhir Ispahani, managing director of technology and operations, chello broadband. "Our relationship with ClearBand will accelerate the deployment of superior best-in-class technologies for our European partners." ClearBand Technology Components ClearBand's plug and play system affords broadcasters the ability to capture and encode a video stream for play back at 30 frames per second in full screen mode. The video, which can be captured directly from any video source (i.e. VCR, video camera), can be scaled from 300 Kbps to 2.0 Mbps, providing content broadcasters full control over picture quality and clarity and bandwidth usage. Enabling both live and library play back capability, ClearBand leverages Intel's powerful Pentium(R) III chip to create and entirely software-based system using standard 'off-the-shelf' hardware. The ClearBand end-to-end solution is a real time system that requires only one machine. It has the following software components: ClearBand Live Server The ClearBand Live Server captures, encodes and broadcasts (using IP-multicast) video sources at user selectable bit rate from 300 Kbps to 2.0 Mbps with resolution of 640 x 480 at 30 fps. The bit rate can be changed dynamically at the server without disrupting current users who are receiving the broadcast. The Server currently runs on Linux 6.0, but is designed for portability to other operating systems. The system can also be used as a real-time encoding station for creating libraries of video that are later broadcast using the ClearBand Broadcast Server. ClearBand Broadcast Server The ClearBand Broadcast Server is the software component that allows for multiple channels of pre-encoded files to be broadcast simultaneously through the provider's network. This model is similar to that of DSS applications with a pay-per-view model added as the premium service. This component typically allows for multiple channels to be broadcast simultaneously per server. ClearBand Distribution Server The ClearBand Distribution Server is the software component that is deployed on a server at the head end of systems whose clients are not multicast ready. This software router system enables neighbourhood trees to receive UDP unicast sessions of multicast streams being broadcast from the providers. ClearBand Player The ClearBand player is a very thin software client (120KB) that is streamed to the customer from a web services server, thus eliminating the need and complexity of separate downloaded players. The client solution requires no configuration or intervention on the customer's behalf. When a tuner request is transported from the web page, the request is latched to the video stream instantaneously. The client software is capable of tuning into any of the channels being broadcast by the service provider, but also allows a pay-per-view, channel blocking and password control. It requires a minimal specification PC with MMX in order to receive full screen video at 30fps. The client solution also supports the electronic programming guide. The player is provisioned for either multicast or unicast sessions and adjusts accordingly. "First access to ClearBand technology via the chello portal is an important step forward for chello as a company with a steadfast commitment to constant pioneering leadership in broadband internet and communications services," says Mark Schneider, chairman of chello and CEO and chairman of UPC. "We are excited to be working with ClearBand to deliver this service. It increases our momentum for driving Europe's fast growing internet environment and adds tremendous value to UPC's triple play strategy for providing integrated, television, telephony and internet services through cable across Europe." About chello broadband n.v. chello broadband is Europe's first and leading broadband internet service provider and is commercially active in five countries. It has the largest reach in Europe and is committed to delivering next-generation, 24-hour accessible internet services and broadband content to consumers via high-speed cable modems, with no phone bills -- ever! It provides a turnkey service to cable operators and other broadband networks based in Europe. The company is an operating company of United Pan-Europe Communications (UPC), with headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in London, Paris, Vienna, Hamburg, Brussels and Oslo. By providing unparalleled communications services, chello broadband delivers m@ximum internet through cable with minimal cost. chello(TM) is a registered trademark of chello broadband n.v. About UPC N.V. Headquartered in Amsterdam, UPC is the most innovative broadband communications company in Europe and owns and operates one of the largest pan-European groups of broadband communication networks. UPC provides cable television, telephony, high-speed Internet access and programming services in 12 countries across Europe and in Israel. As of June 30th 1999, UPC's systems passed approximately 8.6 million homes with 5.6 million basic cable subscribers. In addition, UPC had 123,400 residential telephony lines and 12,500 business telephony lines, as well as 50,400 residential Internet subscribers and 2,300 business Internet subscribers. These figures include all announced acquisitions. UPC completed an IPO in February 1999 and its shares are traded on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange ("UPC") and NASDAQ ("UPCOY") UPC is a consolidated subsidiary of Denver based UnitedGlobalCom Inc. ("United"), (Nasdaq: UCOMA). Microsoft has an interest of approximately 7.8% in UPC. About ClearBand ClearBand is a privately held technology company focused on the development and deployment of broadband video technology solutions for the broadband and digital television markets. With the strategic and financial backing led by Donald Flynn, who's history includes successful involvement in companies including Blockbuster Video, ClearBand's broadband video streaming solution provides an easy-to-use, cost effective way to deliver full screen, 30 frames per second television quality video over high speed networks. For further information: Visit our websites on: m@ximum internet through cable ots Original Text Service: chello broadband n.v. Internet: Contact: Ross Sampson, vp communications, of chello broadband n.v., +31-20-778-8288, or; or Julia Crawford, Senior Account Executive, of Edelman PR Worldwide, +44-171-344- 1342, or, for chello broadband n.v.; or Henrietta Hirst, Director of Group Corporate Communications, of UPC N.V., +44-171-518-7980, or; or Julie Gladders, or Calvin Fleming, both of mPRm Public Relations, (USA) 323-933- 3399, or, or, for ClearBand Web site:

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