L.A. Auto Show Announces Theme for January's Show:

Recognizing the global impact of California's influence on automobile design and development, the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show announced California Dreamin' 2000 as its theme for next January's show. The theme reflects the fact that California's lifestyle and attitudes have an impact upon how people around the world perceive and utilize automobiles. Cars are an integral part of both its lifestyle and culture, and with Hollywood movies and television shows to spread the word, the world looks to California for the latest trends and styles. Expressive, health- conscious, fun-loving and daring-to-be-different; these are the qualities that give California its unique character. Four of the world's largest automakers have already committed to unveil at least one concept vehicle each as a part of their support for the California Dreamin' 2000 theme. DaimlerChrysler, Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen will lead the way to what will be the most world debuts of concept cars and production vehicles in the history of the L.A. Auto Show. "Manufacturers recognize that California is not only a huge marketplace, but also a trend-setter for new ideas and products. Consequently, they regard the L.A. Auto Show as an important part of their strategic plans," says Andy Fuzesi, general manager of the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show. California also plays a leadership role in automotive design. At least 20 automotive design studios, including the major American, European and Asian manufacturers, are concentrated in the Southern California area. At the center of this design activity is Pasadena's Art Center College of Design, one of the world's foremost design institutions. Among its alumni are many of today's leading automotive designers, including DaimlerChrysler's director of international design, Neil Walling, Ford's vice president of design, J Mays, General Motors' vice president of design, Wayne Cherry, and Volkswagen's California design studio director, Freeman Thomas. Fittingly, Art Center will play an integral part in the California Dreamin' 2000 theme. Honoring its 70th anniversary, Art Center will present a special multi-media exhibition that will showcase students from its transportation design department. The presentation will include 3-D scale models, large-screen video projections and other demonstrations of design from sponsored projects, and some of the best work from its graduating students. Judging by the success of its alumni, some of these students will likely become renown designers of the future. "The show is still over six months away and we already know there will be more than a dozen world debuts of concept cars and production vehicles. In the coming months, additional announcements will be made about the world debuts and other California Dreamin' 2000 activities," says Lisa Kaz, show director of the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show. Convenient Travel Dates Media Days, scheduled for January 6 and 7, are perfectly timed after the New Year's holiday and just before the Media Days of the Detroit show. Thus, journalists and industry executives will be able to conveniently travel in one trip to the two most important automotive centers in the United States - Los Angeles and Detroit. ots Original Text Service: VL Communications Internet: http://www.newsaktuell.de Contact: VL Communications Group at (USA) 916-362-3400, facsimile at (USA) 916-362-3485 Barry Toepke or Tracy Grisham of VL Communications Group (USA) 916-362-3400, or email, vlcomm@aol.com

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