NCD Thin Client Shipments Through All Channels for 1998

Network Computing Devices (NCD) today noted that the latest figures for 1998 thin client shipments from International Data Corporation once again confirms the success of NCD's thin client market leadership strategy. NCD shipped 43% of all thin client units, combining its branded systems with shipments to its network computer channel, primarily IBM. The company compares this with 31.8% shipped by its nearest competitor. In the area of network computer deliveries, NCD shipped 76% of these systems in combination with its major OEM partner. The nearest competitor registered 11.4%. "We are pleased to report that we shipped over 17,000 Windows CE-based Windows-based terminals in 1998," stated John de Santis, vice president of International Operations at NCD. "We were the first to ship Microsoft compliant Windows-based terminals, not older DOS-based systems, and, we believe, the only company that shipped this leading-edge technology in volume in 1998," he continued. NCD worked closely with Microsoft to develop the NCD ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminal to access Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition. Last week NCD announced its NCD ThinPATH software to enhance Terminal Server and its embedded RDP protocol with important functionality like local peripherals support and server load balancing. "According to IDC's Bulletin #18387, NCD has maintained a healthy position in average systems value and revenue in 1998, being the industry leader in both measurements," said Eileen O'Brien, Director of Thin Client Programs at IDC. "With this base and NCD's new software offerings that cost-effectively enhance Terminal Server, they are well positioned to meet customer requirements in the emerging thin client market," she continued. "It is this sort of technology leadership that will make the difference for our customers. They are looking for a simple architecture and optimized performance, and our NCD ThinPATH software delivers both by eliminating the need to add an additional protocol layer to Terminal Server and by adding performance enhancing functionality to clients and servers," continued De Santis. ots Original Text Service: Network Computing Devices Internet: Contact: David Tutin,, or Chris Steel,, both of Berkeley PR, +0118-988- 2992; or Gillian Horrocks-Taylor of NCD, +01753-736600 or

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