Soft Center Duluth Wins Prestigious Global Technology

The King of Sweden presented Soft Center Duluth with an international award for Best New Business Structure at today's Global Bangemann IT Challenge ceremonies at Nobel Hall in Stockholm. Soft Center Duluth received the honor for its powerful new "technology campus" system. A vision of Duluth Mayor Gary Doty and other city leaders, Soft Center Duluth is an international alliance with Soft Centers in Sweden and a large-scale effort to bring new and existing businesses to Duluth, Minn., and allow them an opportunity to grow in an integrated, supportive information technology business environment. It won praise from judges and other international observers for its innovative technology campus designed to change the nature of how companies locate and do business. Soft Center Duluth's first phase of construction will be completed this summer. All companies that become a part of Soft Center are provided with advanced facilities, an extensive pool of programming and engineering talent, as well as a large concentration of financial and support services. These services include training and retraining, recruitment, state-of-the-art infrastructure, investment and funding packages and social services. Soft Center Duluth is in the process of generating thousands of new jobs and attracting U.S., Canadian and European companies. It has raised nearly $40 million U.S. dollars through private and public investment. Plans are also underway to establish Soft Centers in other U.S. communities. The 1999 Global IT Challenge rewards excellence in information technology projects while building a network of cities involved in information sharing. ots Original Text Service: Soft Center Duluth Internet: Contact: Alan Yelsey of Soft Center Duluth, 800-652-5524, Fax 218-723-3903,, or Earl Mardle, 612 9787 4527, Earl/ or Ulla Skiden,, both for Global IT Challenge Web site:

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