NTL Chooses Esker Terminal Emulation / NTL Takes Tun

Esker announces today that NTL has chosen Esker's Tun PLUS terminal emulation to help their users connect back from Microsoft 32-bit desktop systems to their main billing and accounting applications. The product has now been deployed on over 1000 desktops. "Esker is delighted to be working with NTL," commented Bashrat Din, Managing Director of Esker UK. "NTL is a market leading company in an extremely exciting and fast-growing sector. Their selection of Esker Tun PLUS demonstrates Esker's ability to meet the needs of large corporations with stringent product and service requirements." "NTL chose Esker and Tun PLUS because it was an extremely cost-effective solution and we are very impressed with the levels of support offered by the company," commented Duncan Lawrie, Project Leader with NTL Group Limited. "We like the ability to create any emulation that may be required to meet the changing business needs and the product is highly configurable." NTL commenced a pilot for the project in 1998 and evaluated several emulation solutions before selecting Tun PLUS from Esker. The product enables users with 32-bit Microsoft desktops to access business critical information on Digital VAX and Alpha servers. About NTL NTL Incorporated is the UK's leading integrated communications company, offering alternative telecommunications solutions, broadcast and transmission services. NTL is a NASDAQ and EASDAQ listed public company, with over 10,000 employees and its head office in Farnborough, Hampshire. NTL operates the UK's third-largest cable telephony and television company under the CableTel brand. During 1998, NTL acquired ComTel, Diamond Cable and Comcast UK's Teesside and Cambridge franchises, growing the customer base to a potential 5.2 million households; some 25% of all UK homes. About Esker Esker was originally founded in 1985 in Lyon, France. A leading supplier of PC/Web-to-Host connectivity solutions based on TCP/IP (including emulations, client-server middleware and Internet/Intranet tools), Esker now operates across Europe and the US. All trademarks, service marks, product and company names are the property of their respective owners. Corporate contact: Public Relations Contact: Esker UK JMS Writing Michele Saxton-Howes John Stevenson (GB) +44 (0) 1332 799 622 (GB) +44 (0) 1469 532 133 E-mail: info@esker.co.uk E- Mail:jms_writing@compuserve.com Web: www.esker.com Web: www.jms-writing.co.uk ots Original Text Service: Esker UK Internet: http://www.newsaktuell.de Contact: Michele Saxton-Howes of Esker UK, (GB) ++44-0-1332-799-622, or email, info@esker.co.uk; or John Stevenson of JMS Writing, (GB) ++44-0-1469-532-133, or email, jms_writing@compuserve.com, for Esker UK Web site: http://www.esker.com

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