VIDAR Systems Corporation Announces Bamboo Solutions

VIDAR Systems Corporation announced that it has spun out its Bamboo Solutions division and charged the division with providing solutions to the growing enterprise document management industry. Bamboo Solutions initially introduced its premier document control software for ISO process management, Info.trak, about six months ago to develop a solid, referenceable user base. Today, VIDAR formally launches its Bamboo Solutions division as a strategic business unit of the parent company. "Info.trak was developed in response to the manufacturing and engineering communities' needs to get their many processes and documents under control," said Gunder Lilius, president and CEO of VIDAR. "We feel that Bamboo Solutions is uniquely positioned to address the issues facing manufacturing and engineering companies today -- particularly their issues related to gaining and maintaining ISO certification. As an ISO certified manufacturer that designs and builds solutions for engineering and manufacturing applications, VIDAR has developed Info.trak software to tackle the problems companies like VIDAR encounter on a regular basis," continued Mr. Lilius Bamboo Solutions has just announced two important additions to Info.trak: Info.offline Briefcase and complete support for AutoCAD 2000 and R14 drawings with XREFs. The Info.offline Briefcase allows users to check-out controlled documents for use with other applications without the overhead of a concurrent Info.trak session, while maintaining document integrity and version control. In addition to being fast and easy-to-use, Info.trak also features Info.flex, a database profiling system that allows the configuration of each department's database "profile" to reflect data properties that are unique and pertinent to that department's data. The Bamboo Solutions division of VIDAR Systems Corporation produces Bamboo Info.trak, premier document control software for ISO process management. As an ISO certified manufacturer of large format scanners and x-ray film digitizers, VIDAR is positioned to support manufacturing enterprises' ISO management needs. VIDAR also produces TruInfo(TM) software and CopySystems(TM) solutions, which address the scanning needs of the CAD engineering, reprographics, and mapping markets. Bamboo Solutions can be contacted at: +1.800.471.7226 or +1.703.471.7070; fax: +1.703.471.1165; address: 460 Spring Park Place, Herndon, Virginia, USA 20170; URL: ots Original Text Service: VIDAR Systems Corporation Internet: Contact: Fern Krauss of ESTN Communications, 301-424-9140, or, for VIDAR; or Claire Stock, Director, Marketing Communications of VIDAR, 703-471-7070, ext. 327, or Web site:

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