INVESCO's Steps up Pension Efforts in Europe; Appoints

INVESCO Retirement and Benefit Services (IRBS) is stepping up its efforts to win a greater share of the European Defined Contribution pensions market. The independent global fund management group has appointed Rino Schena, currently responsible for INVESCO's joint-stock company in Poland, as Manager of Defined Contribution Market Development -- Europe. Mr. Schena will be responsible for developing INVESCO's defined contribution business in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. "We are extremely excited about the opportunities in the European defined contribution market," stated Hubert L. Harris, CEO of IRBS, Inc. "We feel Mr. Schena's unique experience and abilities will be invaluable in helping us identify the appropriate opportunities throughout Europe, where we expect to be able to build a substantial business over the next few years." Notes: Mr. Schena was most recently project manager for the successful organization of a joint-stock company formed between INVESCO and the Polish Conference of Bishops. This company -- ARKA-INVESCO -- located in Warsaw, Poland, will provide an alternative means of retirement support in response to Poland's changing 'pay as you go' social security system. Mr. Schena was previously employed by Credit Suisse. He is a graduate of the Swiss Banking and Commercial School located in Bern, Switzerland, and holds an M.B.A. from Emory University. Mr. Schena is fluent in English, German and Italian and has an excellent working knowledge of Spanish and French. INVESCO Retirement and Benefit Services, Inc. (IRBS) IRBS is a subsidiary of AMVESCAP PLC (NYSE: AVZ), one of the world's leading independent investment management groups, with more than $280 billion in assets under management. AMVESCAP operates under the AIM and INVESCO brand names. AMVESCAP is listed on the London, New York and Paris Stock Exchanges. In both London and New York Stock Exchanges, it is listed with the symbol "AVZ". ots Original Text Service: INVESCO Retirement and Benefit Services, Inc. Internet: Contact: Leslie Hatcher of INVESCO Tel.: (in the USA) 404-898-1926 or 800- 538-6370, or

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