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Audi, World Technology Leading Car Manufacturer, Launches State-of-the-Art Direct Injected V8 Diesel Engine With an Engine Block Cast in SinterCast Compacted Graphite Iron SinterCast is pleased to report that the German car manufacturer Audi, at the Vienna Motor Symposium in Austria, on May 6, 1999, announced its new V8 TDI Diesel engine with the engine block designed in SinterCast CGI and produced by the German foundry Halberg Guss using the SinterCast Process Control Technology. The Audi V8 TDI forms a milestone in automotive design and in the use of CGI for a high performance passenger car Diesel engine. In its announcement Audi further revealed: -- The engine has a displacement of 3.3 litres with a power output of 165 kW (225 hp) at 4000 rpm. It is the first Diesel engine in Audi's range with a Common Rail injection system. -- With 4-valve technology, two adjustable turbine geometry (ATG) turbochargers and cooled Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR), this engine fulfills the stringent exhaust emissions standards according to EURO III. -- The engine has a bore and stroke of 78.3 x 86.4 mm and a 90-degree cylinder bank angle. The increased material strength of Compacted Graphite Iron allowed a 10% weight reduction of the engine block in comparison with Grey Iron. -- The V8 TDI sets new standards and, from a cubic capacity of only 3.3 litres, develops a maximum torque of 480 Newton metres, which is achieved at a mere 1800 rpm and remains at this level up to 3000 rpm. A peak value has been achieved with the specific performance of almost 50 kW per litre of cubic capacity. Its optimum specific fuel consumption is only 205 grams per kW hour and is therefore extremely low for an eight-cylinder engine. -- With its TDI engines, Audi has revolutionised the world of Diesel, and has proved that this engine concept can also compete with the petrol engine in terms of dynamism and driving enjoyment - with consumption which is approximately 30 percent lower and exemplary torque even at very low engine speeds. It therefore manages to reconcile two seemingly irreconcilable opposites such as enjoyment of sporty driving on the one hand and mobility and extensive range on the other hand. Mr. Joachim Braun, Managing Director of Halberg Guss GmbH comments: "We are certainly pleased that Audi trusts in the development and casting competence of Halberg Guss and together with SinterCast in partnership has followed new paths with a sophisticated material" Mr. Bertil Hagman, President and CEO of the SinterCast Group comments: "The announcement that Audi has chosen SinterCast CGI for the engine block in its new V8 TDI engine is a milestone for CGI as a new engine material and for the SinterCast Process Control Technology. In the V8 TDI engine, the engine block material has contributed to setting new standards for automotive specific performance and fuel consumption. It is an important recognition of the SinterCast technology that Audi, well known technology leader with the highest reputation for Diesel engine technology, has appointed the quality foundry Halberg Guss to produce the engine block using the SinterCast Process Control Technology to meet is exacting quality standards. SinterCast is pleased to be working with Halberg Guss, whose foundry expertise in the production of the highest quality cast iron has resulted in a unique production line installation of the SinterCast System 2000 to provide Europe's first high volume production facility for automotive engine blocks in CGI. The facility meets the highest quality standards demanded by the industry." Stockholm, May 1999 SinterCast AB (publ) Bertil Hagman SinterCast is a listed Swedish company, which developed and owns the SinterCast Process, a patented on-line Process Control System which enables the production of high quality Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) components on an industrial scale. CGI is an intermediate form of cast iron between Grey iron and Ductile iron, retaining much of the castability properties of Grey Iron but with a material tensile and fatigue strength approximately double that of Grey Iron. The stiffness of CGI is also increased in the range of 30-40% when compared to Grey Iron. These enhanced properties can make it an ideal choice for an advanced Diesel engine application where both increased strength and reduced weight are required. ots Original Text Service: SinterCast Ltd. Internet: CONTACT: SinterCast AB, +46-8-660-7750, or fax: +46-8-661-7979, e-mail:, Internet:

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