STAR 21 NETWORKS places confidence in long-term partnership with LambdaNet LambdaNet to provide STAR 21 with Germany-wide fiber network

LambdaNet Communications GmbH, international supplier of network-related telecommunications services, has just signed an agreement with STAR 21 NETWORKS for the provision of bandwidth and co-location services for the next five years. LambdaNet will provide STAR 21 NETWORKS with a national private transmission network that connects 13 cities in Germany and allows full- coverage services for STAR 21 NETWORKS customers. The powerful fiber network offers a bandwidth of 2.5 Gbits/s and links Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Nuremberg, Munich, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Bremen. "What we want to do is to expand and improve the service and the competitiveness of our customers. To achieve this goal, it is important to us to cooperate with reliable, flexible partners. Together with LambdaNet, we will make sure that our customers will be able to navigate the information highway safely without any traffic jams," explained John Stachowiak, CEO at STAR 21 NETWORKS. Björn Claaßen, Managing Director of LambdaNet added: "The long-term partnership of STAR 21 NETWORKS with LambdaNet is convincing proof that companies in the telecommunications industry place great importance on security in the planning of their business activities over the period of a number of years. LambdaNet has displayed the qualities required many times in the past." In addition, STAR 21 NETWORKS will also use the LambdaNet co-location offer in twelve German cities. "Thanks to LambdaNet's co-location services, we will be able to expand and strengthen our own footprint in the wireless connection of customers. Cooperation rather than competition: that is the market strategy of the future," explained John Stachowiak, describing the advantages of the partnership. LambdaNet offers co-location services in more than 54 of its own colo-centers in Europe. The LambdaNet co-location sites are equipped with an automatic fire-alarm system and electronic intrusion detection system as well as systems to monitor access, redundant power supplies and air-conditioning to protect the location around the clock! About STAR 21 NETWORKS STAR 21 NETWORKS is a telecommunications company that serves as a reliable partner on the connectivity market for telecom service providers, for large customers with different data volumes and for demanding Internet users, including those outside the densely populated areas of the country. STAR 21 NETWORKS consistently uses the most modern technologies on all network levels; the company provides direct access primarily via its own frequency allotments. The international management team, headed by John Stachowiak, displays extensive management experience and outstanding telecommunications know-how. STAR 21 NETWORKS constantly looks for new ways and opportunities to find forward-looking technologies to satisfy the steadily increasing demands of partners and customers. In this way, STAR 21 NETWORKS makes a significant contribution to improving the value-added chain for its partners and customers. For more information, go to About LambdaNet Connecting key European data centers and 104 cities in 10 countries, LambdaNet's 22,000- kilometer fiber and IP network is one of the most powerful and closely woven networks in Europe, servicing more than 180 customers. Its European customer base is stable, serving a broad range of telecommunications operators (telcos, voice/access, mobile, ISP, ASP and CATV) including Vodafone D2, Cable & Wirelss and Telia. Additionally, LambdaNet operates Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) in eleven European centers of business - London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Madrid, Vienna, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Hamburg. LambdaNet Group offers traditional transport services (wavelength, bandwidth and collocation services) and delivers higher value services that include advanced IP transport (IP Transit, Virtual Private Networks). For more information, please visit ots Original Text Service: LambdaNet Communications Internet: Who to contact: LambdaNet Communications Katharina Siebert Telephone: +49 511-8488-1120 Fax: +49 511-8488-1129 Email: STAR 21 NETWORKS Renate Neuhierl Telephone: +49 69-21782-1950 Fax : +49 69- 21782-01 Email :

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