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T-Mobil, Germany's Largest Mobile Telephony and Paging Provider, Uses Forte- Based System to Manage 50,000+ Leased Lines and Connections. Today at its fifth annual user conference, Forte Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: FRTE) announced that ASCOM Deutschland GmbH has chosen the Forte Application Environment(TM) to develop complex Internet and distributed applications for its telecommunications customers. The first joint project - at T-Mobil, Germany's largest mobile telephony and paging provider - already is in production. The application joins the growing number of Forte-based telecommunications systems, which include applications for more than 35 telecommunications companies around the world. T-Mobil serves over 7.2 million customers with over 50,000 leased lines and connections. The company needed a single, unified system to administer these lines and address specific aspects of the individual mobile telephony services. To meet this challenge, ASCOM was commissioned to develop the leased line administrative system called "L2Admin." After a one-year development phase using Forte(R), the system was online by the end of March. Michael E. Wallrath, Systems & Solutions Manager at ASCOM's Aachen headquarters, said: "The telecommunications market is fiercely competitive. Short innovation cycles and time-to-market are vital for success. The Forte technology enabled us to build an extremely scalable and fail-safe leased line management system for T-Mobil within a minimal time frame." The modular L2Admin system built for T-Mobil by ASCOM is fully scalable and fail-safe, guaranteeing very high availability. This superior performance is achieved with Forte's fully automated software component replication. The entire L2Admin system seamlessly integrates within the existing T-Mobil IT applications environment, enabling free interchange of data among disparate systems. L2Admin offers capabilities including centralized administration, order management, invoice review and valuing, and evaluations. L2Admin has a multi-tier distributed architecture that distributes the system over multiple sites. The technical infrastructure for L2Admin consists of Forte's development and integration environment, Sun UltraSPARC servers and Oracle 7.3 databases. John Huntjens, who heads the T-Mobil project at ASCOM, said: "Our international project team was particularly impressed with Forte's integrated load-balancing functions." "With more than 7 million customers relying on T-Mobil's T-D1 GSM 900 network around the clock, complete, efficient administration of all lines and connections is critical," said Herbert Steinbach, vice president of Central Europe for Forte. "That is why we are particularly proud that ASCOM chose Forte for the T-Mobil project." About T- Mobil T-Mobil (Deutsche Telekom MobilNet GmbH) is Germany's largest provider of mobile telephony and paging services, with over 7.2 million customers and 5,000 employees. T-Mobil began operations as an independent enterprise in 1993. This wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG is a major player in the telecommunications market; in 1997, T-Mobil achieved revenues of more than DM 6.6 billion (US $3.57 billion). T-Mobil also has more than 100,000 customers for its premium mobile telephony, mobile data and satellite-based systems. About ASCOM Deutschland GmbH The ASCOM Corporation, an international leader in telecommunications and service automation, was created in 1987 through the merger of Switzerland's three largest telecommunications technology companies. The corporation has consolidated revenues of DM 3 billion (US $1.6 billion) and employs 12,000 people worldwide. ASCOM provides products, systems and custom-tailored solutions for the telecommunications, cash- handling and traffic industries. ASCOM's Telecom Solutions business unit is a general contractor offering complete custom telecommunications solutions. ASCOM Deutschland GmbH's Systems & Solutions unit is a competence center for the entire corporation. About Forte Software, Inc. For additional information, contact Forte Software at or Forte is a registered trademark, and Forte Application Environment is a trademark of Forte Software, Inc. All other names or marks may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners. The statements in this document that relate to future plans, events, or performance are forward-looking statements. Actual results might differ materially due to a variety of factors. Forte Software cannot guarantee completion of any future products or product features mentioned in this release, and no reliance should be placed on their availability. Additional information about factors that may impact results is contained in Forte Software's Annual Report on Form 10-K under the sections entitled Business Risks and Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations, and in other SEC filings including Forte Software's most recent Form 10-Q. ots Original Text Service: Forte Software, Inc. Internet: Contact: Brenda Nashawaty of CHEN PR, Inc. (USA) 781-466-8282,, or Mary Llewellyn of Forte Software, Inc. (USA) 510-869-2148,, or John Huntjens of ASCOM Deutschland GmbH +49-241-968-06-0, Web site:

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