A Record Year for ZEISS

The ZEISS Group ended fiscal year 2020/21 (end of reporting period: 30 September 2021) on an excellent note: its revenue rose by 20% to 7.529 billion euros (previous year: 6.297 billion euros). Over 90% of this sum was generated in markets outside Germany. Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) also achieved a new high, reaching 1.479 billion euros (prior year: 922 million euros). The EBIT margin was 20%. Incoming orders increased to 8.974 billion euros (prior year: 6.814 billion euros).

"2021 is a very special year for ZEISS. 175 years ago, Carl Zeiss laid the foundations for a company that has grown into a technology leader and proves time and again that it can push the limits of what is technically feasible. We are of course particularly delighted to have achieved record results once again in our anniversary year," said Dr. Karl Lamprecht, ZEISS President and CEO. "While there is certainly room to improve in a number of areas, double-digit growth across all four ZEISS segments demonstrates that we are on the right path thanks to our balanced portfolio and our ZEISS Agenda. Upwards of 35,000 employees, a high capacity for innovation, as well as excellently aligned segments and all regions contribute to this growth."

Segment development

Revenue (in billions of euros)



Change (adjusted for currency effects)

Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology



+25% (+26%)

Industrial Quality & Research



+10% (+12%)

Medical Technology*



+18% (+ 22%)

Consumer Markets



+27% (+30%)

* Not identical to the Carl Zeiss Meditec Group

Contact for the press:

Jörg Nitschke

Head of Corporate Brand and Communications

Email: joerg.nitschke@zeiss.com

For more information, please visit www.zeiss.com

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