Sony and KarstadtQuelle demonstrate interactive TV shopping application with MHP Technology at CeBIT 2002

Sony and KarstadtQuelle today announced news of an innovative interactive TV shopping application based on the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) standard. This new TV shopping experience is the first MHP application resulting from the co-operation between a consumer electronics manufacturer and a retail company. It represents a product of a strategic partnership between Sony NetServices GmbH and KarstadtQuelle New Media AG. Presenting articles of KarstadtQuelle's mail order company Neckermann Versand AG, the CeBIT showcase demonstrates how easily future TV viewers can order products by remote control. They scroll through the items, put their chosen articles in a shopping basket and thereby place an order for the goods, which are delivered by post. The application will be presented at CeBIT, Hanover, on the Sony booth (Hall 2, Booth C02) from 13 to 20 March 2002, alongside Sony's integrated digital TVs (iDTV). Rapidly becoming the de facto standard in interactive TV (iTV), MHP is supported by over 300 members of the global DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) Group in some 37 countries. "We are pleased that KarstadtQuelle and Sony are leading the way for involvement in MHP by the retail sector. This will expand the potential applications of interactive television," commented Prof. Dr. Ulrich Reimers from the Institute of Communications Technology at the Technical University of Braunschweig, the founding member and head of the MHP Implementers Group. A major player in online shopping, KarstadtQuelle regards this open standard based operating system as an ideal platform to realise the massive potential of this new interactive retail channel. In particular, it enables retailers to create specific channels to market a broad range of products. "We see tremendous potential to bring added value to the TV viewing experience," commented Christian Seifert, member of the board of KarstadtQuelle New Media. "In selecting Sony NetServices as our partner, we have available market leading development and deployment resources, from the new generation of iDTV to the sophisticated broadcast technology required to provide this service." KarstadtQuelle was also the first retail company worldwide to take part in the MHP initiative when KarstadtQuelle New Media became a member of the MHP Implementers Group in October 2001. "MHP is an open, robust and progressive standard that will benefit the establishment of iTV in Europe," commented Andreas Riegler, General Manager at Sony NetServices. "Our MHP development initiative encompasses a new generation of iDTV, the broadcast backbone required to bring these new interactive services into the home and to create a robust return path to the broadcaster, and the development of advanced software. In the latter case, we have teamed up with KarstadtQuelle to create something totally new, which will benefit shoppers throughout Europe. We look forward to working together with KarstadtQuelle and pushing back the boundaries of this exciting new technology." The development of the MHP software application by Sony NetServices also underscores Sony's entire value chain with regards to MHP, which also includes the hardware products in the form of iDTVs and the Open Datacast Platform (Media Station) by Sony Broadcast & Professional Europe. About KarstadtQuelle: KarstadtQuelle AG, based in Essen, is Europe's largest department store and mail order group. With a staff of around 112,500 people, the Group turned over more than 15,9 billion Euro in the business year 2001. The Group's business areas include over-the- counter retail trade, mail order, services inclusive tourism and real estate. With 46 shopping and marketing portals KarstadtQuelle is one of Europe's leading internet retailers and achieved online demand worth 814 million Euro in 2001. KarstadtQuelle New Media AG, founded in 2000, is the Group's strategic e-business unit for B2C shopping portals, B2B market places, TV commerce, streaming media as well as new services and co-operates closely with the corresponding operational units of the Group. Neckermann Versand AG, Frankfurt, is part of KarstadtQuelle's mail order sector which is market leader in Germany with a turnover of 7,7 billion Euro in 2001. For more information, please visit, and About Sony NetServices: Sony NetServices was founded in April 2000 as a joint venture between Sony DADC and Sony Europe, to become a European software house for B2B and B2C applications, and is active in the iDTV, e- commerce and mobile solutions area. Sony NetServices' future technology resources and know-how offer their clients professional and reliable advice, conceptualisation, realisation and operations in the areas of interactive business and communication solutions. 100 employees in Salzburg, Berlin and Brussels, make Sony NetServices an important supplier of Internet and software solutions. About Multimedia Home Platform (MHP): The DVB Multimedia Home Platform MHP is a new, interactive standard for digital TV and multimedia transmission. MHP as a universal standard revolutionises the market for digital television and enables the convergence of media around the world. MHP unites the advantages of digital television (improved picture and sound quality) and the interactivity of Internet. The platform offers all participants a universal, open interface for the development of multimedia value added services for digital TV programmes and services. MHP enables the development of an open, horizontal market for digital television. This has advantages for all participants. In the first place for the consumers, who can use all multimedia and interactive applications with just an MHP- suitable set top box or TV sets with integrated MHP box (iDTV= integrated Digital TV). The MHP standard was published in February 2000. The completion for Internet access followed in July 2001. MHP completes the standards of the DVB Consortium (DVB = Digital Video Broadcasting) and meanwhile is supported by more than 300 DVB members in 37 countries. The member organisations and companies come from all areas of service and programme providers, telecommunication, information technology and consumer electronics. Involved in the launching of MHP in the market are the MHP Implementers Group and the MHP MarCom Group in co- operation with the DVB Consortium. Sony Europe Sylvia Shin Corporate Communications Europe Phone +49 30 2575 5156 KarstadtQuelle AG Mechthild Hexamer Konzernkommunikation Phone +49 201 727 9667

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