Frankfurt Airport's Traffic Figures for August 2001

August July August Change (2)

2001 2001 2000 Aug.'01/

Aug.'00 Passengers 4.8 4.9 4.7 2.4 % in millions Airfreight 116.9 121.9 132.3 -11.6 % in thousands of metric tons Airmail 11.5 11.2 11.4 1.0 % in thousands of metric tons Aircraft Movements (1) 40.5 41.1 40.6 -0.2 % in thousands MTOWs 2,293.4 2,319.8 2,277.8 0.7 % in thousands of metric tons Punctuality 81.8 78.7 80.2 share of puctual arrivals and departures in percent Passenger traffic at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) increased by 2.4 percent in August 2001, versus the corresponding month last year. While there was clearly more European passenger traffic, intercontinental traffic - especially to and from North America - registered a slight decline.

In the airfreight sector, August also experienced a strong decline over the previous year. Particularly because of noticeable developments resulting from the global impact of the weak U.S. economy, there was meanwhile a clear decline in airfreight activity. Airfreight tonnage developed postively on South American and Australian routes. The weak demand in airfreight traffic was the main reason for a slight drop in the number of takeoffs and landings (-0.2 percent) at FRA. The share of delayed flights at FRA, in comparison to the same month last year, declined from 19.8 to 18.2 percent. The latest punctuality statistics from the Association of European Airlines (AEA) rank Frankfurt ahead of Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome, Zürich, as well as Munich, which all registered greater delay rates. (1) Excluding military flghts (2) Rate of change based on unrounded numbers

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