Michelin at the 2001 IAA / Innovation and high- performance

The Michelin-Stand D02 in hall 8, with its modern wood, metal and glass architecture, is a symbol of innovation and high-performance, the French group's exhibition motto for this year. The PAX tyre wheel system, which is already in use in production vehicles, is a particular example of this revolutionary technology. Michelin is represented in the high-performance segment with the sporty Pilot family among all reputable manufacturers. A particularly obvious synthesis of innovation and high-performance can be found in Michelin's successful return to Formula 1, an effort which has already been rewarded with many victories and position rankings in its first year. At the 59th IAA, in its 449 metres squared, Michelin showcases not only its extensive product range, but also a wealth of innovative solutions to do with the topic of mobility. The advantages of these technologies of the future that have been developed by Michelin are explained and their functions demonstrated through the various models and experimental structures, and a simulation 10 seater cinema. In the area outside hall 9, visitors have the opportunity to test out the new PAX tyre wheel system for themselves, in 2 production Renault Scenic cars. Renault was the first car manufacturer to recently decide to offer the Michelin PAX system as on option on the compact Scenic, thereby giving its customers access to the enormous safety features of this innovative solution. PAX offers the advantage of a new, purely mechanical fixing of the tyre to the rim, thereby ensuring safety even when pressure is completely lost. In addition, the tyre has excellent emergency characteristics thanks to an integrated supporting ring, taking the horror away from any burst tyres. Michelin formed co-operations with Pirelli (1999), Goodyear (2000) and Sumitomo (2001) in order to establish the PAX system as a global standard and especially to establish a foothold on the triade markets with strong partners. The high level of acceptance of PAX by car manufacturers, which has already been witnessed, reflects the large number of studies and prototypes submitted to the IAA that use the new wheel tyre system. A further innovation is the Optimised Contact Patch system, a chassis development from Michelin, which ensures optimum tyre cohesion to the road during all manoeuvres. A support framework contained in the chassis of the car balances out the lateral force on the wheel when driving around bends and eliminates this force completely, so that the tyres can ensure a balanced transference of force to the surface of the road in all driving conditions. The sporty Pilot tyre family leads the wide Michelin product range in the high-performance sector, followed by the energy tyres, which are exemplary in terms of economicalness and saving resources. Light commercial vehicles are best served by the Agilis product range, and for off-roaders and sport utility vehicles there is a choice between 4x4 Diamaris and the 4x4 Synchrone, which are customised for comfortable road driving or for hard off-road driving. Of course, the French manufacturer also offers a complete range of traction winter tyres, the Alpine series, across the board, including in the high-performance sector and all-wheel areas. At the start of the season, Michelin returned to Formula 1, supplying tyres for 5 teams. This followed a 16 year period when the company concentrated its racing efforts on rallying and saloon cars. The French tyre specialist's efficiency and innovative force proved impressive in the first year, with many victories and positions in the top rankings. Michelin views its Formula 1 involvement as a spearhead of tyre development and therefore as a very necessary investment in the future. At the same time, Formula 1 is an ideal platform to develop awareness of the brand and to showcase its high-performance image. ots Original Text Service: Michelin Internet: http://www.presseportal.de Contact: Thomas Becki Phone: +49-721- 5301383

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