Concert Internet Backbone Service Is First To Integrate

Concert Internet Backbone Service getting a significant boost in European bandwidth this month, bolstering the company's growing role in the European Internet backbone market. Concert is integrating bandwidth from British Telecommunications' (BT) new Pan-European fiber into its Internet backbone and, as a result, will be able to support Internet service providers (ISPs) and large multinational companies who have high bandwidth applications. Last month, BT and its European Alliance Partners launched the Pan-European Network. The fastest, highest-capacity pan-European network in the marketplace, it offers access to near-unlimited bandwidth and advanced services. It is also the most extensive network of its kind, connecting more than 200 cities in major European markets. Concert Internet Backbone Service is the first commercially available service to integrate the Pan-European Network bandwidth into its backbone. "This illustrates Concert's commitment to the European Internet backbone market and to delivering a comprehensive portfolio of Internet services," said Nancy Gofus, Concert's Chief Operating Officer. ISPs outside of Europe will also benefit from this new network capacity. ISPs located in areas where Internet backbone services are not readily accessible are using BT's International Private Circuit Services. "ISPs in places such as the Ukraine are now selling high quality Internet access services within their domestic markets, and their customers can now also experience first-rate Internet performance," said Gerry Spencer, Director of BT's Marketing & International Services. Concert Internet Backbone Service is designed for large Internet service providers and content providers who require direct connectivity to a global Internet backbone with extensive peering agreements and interconnection with other major Internet backbone networks in Europe and the United States. Customers can access the service at high speeds, including T3. The Concert service features major peering links with Unisource, UUnet, Ebone and EUnet in Europe, as well as multiple peering arrangements in North America. Part of Concert's robust portfolio of global managed services, the Internet Backbone Service benefits from Concert's recognized experience and expertise in customer service and network performance. Concert, a wholly-owned subsidiary of British Telecommunications plc with offices in Reston, Virginia, is the leading provider of global telecommunications services. Today, Concert serves about 4,700 customers accounting for nearly $3 billion in revenue under contract, and its network reaches 800 cities in 52 countries. Concert services are available through 47 distributors worldwide. ots Original Text Service: Concert Internet: CONTACT: Diane Noe of Concert, +1-703-707-4930/

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