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While unveiling a revolutionary new digital camcorder format, MICROMV, Sony Europe has launched the first two models in this new generation of high quality and user-friendly digital camcorders at the same time. The DCR-IP5 and DCR-IP7 signpost the future for Sony digital camcorders. Key features in the new camcorder series include their compact size, high quality video and audio, and an extensive range of PC and network integration features, particularly in the high-end DCR-IP7 model. At the heart of the new camcorders' enhanced functionality is their use of the sophisticated MPEG2 recording system. This established compression system facilitates the use of much more compact media, sets a new standard in picture and audio quality, and enables fast and easy PC-based non-linear editing using drag and drop techniques. The MICROMV cassettes are 30 percent the volume compared with Mini DV cassettes, allowing Sony to design the world's most compact and lightest digital video camcorder*. A significant development in the new format is the provision of 64k-bit of resident memory within each cassette, representing a 15 fold increase in the amount of memory equipped in DV format cassettes. This memory facilitates picture indexes of each piece of footage shot, simplifying drag and drop editing techniques using a PC. MGR 60, the MICROMV cassette has a number of new features. A newly engineered slide-open tape cover protects tape surface and eliminates wasted space to enhance compactness of the cassette and camcorder design. Also, a new reel lock mechanism supports smooth and stable tape passes and enhances reliability both in recording and playback. The implementation of this new recording system allows for ergonomic space savings in design. This new camcorder design features a master control button together with a new zoom key that is inspired by the navigation knob on notebook PCs and a new power key. Despite its small size, the picture quality provided by this MPEG2-based recording system is as satisfying as Mini DV, providing more than 500 lines of horizontal resolution. This high video quality complements MPEG audio layer2 stereo. 'The MICROMV format, and these new camcorders in particular, represent a significant step in Sony's camcorder strategy to expand the market,' said Barend Ezechiels, General Manager, Camcorders, at Sony Digital Imaging Europe. Standard features in the range include Super Steady Shot, unique access to Carl Zeiss lenses, a 120x digital zoom (10x optical zoom) capability, 180,000 pixel Precision Viewfinder and a Progressive Shutter System providing high quality image capture in any conditions. The camcorders integrate a 2.5-inch 210,000 pixel LCD monitor with a playback zoom facility for instantaneous, high quality playback of material. For PC connection, both camcorders feature an i.LINK (MICROMV IN/OUT) with cable supplied. An associated analogue in/out lets you import material from other sources, including your movie archives. Network integration The DCR-IP7 is Sony's first camcorder to implement Bluetooth technology to enhance its network functionality via mobile phones. Bluetooth is an industry standard for simple, cordless connection and data transfer. Within a range of 10m, Bluetooth components can automatically detect and communicate with each other. As well as browsing the Web, users can access picture/text messaging facilities through their camcorder systems. In addition to its i.LINK capabilities, the DCR-IP7 possesses a USB connection for the rapid transfer of audiovisual material on its Memory Stick to your PC. Another option providing total PC connectivity is Memory Stick: the DCR-IP7 incorporates a new MPEGMOVIE AD facility. This advanced function lets you store up to 280 seconds of video material on an 8 MB Memory Stick (82 minutes on a 128 MB Memory Stick) before transferring it directly to your PC for editing, archiving or emailing to friends. The camcorder comes supplied with an 8 MB Memory Stick. Another advantage of MPEG2 is its compatibility with PC-based non-linear editing technology. The DCR-IP7 is supplied with Movie Shaker 3.1 editing software, enabling simple editing of your favourite home movies. With Movie Shaker, users can select different moods, transitions, special effects, background music and text - all inserted on the timeline within the PC. Since MPEG2 has a bit-rate less than half that of DV, the MICROMV format does not take up much of your hard disk capacity and allows more movies to be stored on a smaller capacity disk. The DCR-IP7 and the DCR-IP5 also come with Photo Suite and Video Wave driver software, enabling you to edit pictures and videos that are stored on your Memory Stick. Due to infrastructure restrictions, the DCR-IP7 will be available in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK. About Sony Sony manufactures audio, video, communications and information technology products for the global consumer and professional markets. With its music, pictures, game and online businesses, Sony is uniquely positioned to become a leading personal broadband entertainment company in the 21st century. In Europe Sony recorded consolidated annual sales of EUR 13.52 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2001, based on a year-end exchange rate of yen 109 to the EUR. Sony Europe, headquartered at the Sony Centre am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, is responsible for the company's European electronics business and registered consolidated sales of EUR 10.37 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2001. For more information on Sony Europe, please visit For further information regarding Sony in Berlin, please contact: Matthias Colli Corporate Communications Europe Sony Europe GmbH tel: +49 30 2575 5158 fax: +49 30 2575 5174 email: In addition, for any queries about Sony in your respective country, please contact your local Sony PR office corporate communications Europe

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