ESKER's First Quarter Revenues Increase 18.4%

ESKER today announced that its first quarter 1999 revenues increased by 18.4% to reach FRF 29.6 mn (approximately US$ 4.8 million) compared with FRF 25.0 mn (approximately US$ 4.05 million) during the same period in 1998. This growth is due to the good performance of the PC-to-host market. During this quarter, the first orders were taken in European countries for ESKER's fax server solutions. 1Q99 Landmarks ESKER strengthened its position in the fax server market by acquiring Alcom, on February 12th 1999. This US-based company achieved sales of $1.8 million in 1998. Alcom will be consolidated into ESKER's financial statements from April 1st through the remaining nine months of 1999. This acquisition reflects ESKER's strategy to grow this part of its business. ESKER strengthened its position in the host access market by launching a new product, Corridor for Active Server, and a new version of its flagship Tun PLUS product. In the fax server marketplace, ESKER delivered Faxgate version 5.0 that integrates Alcom technology and contains other enhancements that optimize Faxgate for international distribution. In the emerging Web-to-Host market, the backlog of orders for ESKER's business experienced a 5-fold increase during the first three months of 1999, compared with the 4th quarter of 1998, representing 110 new potential ESKER clients. 1999 Outlook Considering the growing backlog of orders for ESKER's Web-to- host solutions, as well as favorable industry projections for growth in the fax server market, ESKER is confident that its revenues and profits will continue to grow in 1999. About ESKER ESKER develops and delivers software products that integrate existing and emerging technologies, allowing enterprises to create better connections between people and information. The company's connectivity products include: -- Tun PLUS for terminal emulation, database access and networking services for traditional PC-to-host and thin client- to-host environments -- Esker PLUS, a two-tier Web-to-host solution for Intranet environments, and Corridor for Active Server, a three-tier HTML conversion solution for Internet/extranet environments -- Faxgate and Alcom LanFax for Document Distribution The company was founded in 1985 and is traded on the French Stock Exchange (Le Nouveau Marche: 3581). ESKER's operations span North America, South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific with 190 employees and an installed base of over half a million licensed users worldwide. U.S. Corporate headquarters are located at 100 E. 7th Ave. Stillwater, OK 74074 Phone: 405.624-8000 - Fax: 405-624-3010 - Internet: Web site: European Headquarters are located at 10 Rue des Emeraudes, 69006 Lyon, France. Phone: +33-4-72-83-46-46 - Fax: +33-4-72-83- 46-40/41. All trademarks, service marks, product and company names are the property of their respective owners. ots Original Text Service: ESKER Internet: Contact: Jerry Rackley of ESKER, 405-624-8000, or email, Web site:

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