WizCom Technologies Announces the Appointment of a New Executive Chairman

JERUSALEM (ots/PROTEXT) - WizCom Technologies Ltd. (WizCom) (NeuerMarkt: WZM, WKN: 915856) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Erez Meltzer as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. Meir Shamir, who has held this position up until now, will serve as Director of the Board.

Mr. Meltzer, the former President and CEO of CreoScitex Corporation Ltd., a merger of Preprint Operations of Scitex and Creo Products Inc., is one of the top executives in the Israeli high-tech industry. Prior to this position, he served as COO of Scitex Corporation and played a key role in the company's turnaround in 1997-1998. In addition he has held various senior management positions in the telecom and semiconductors industries.

Mr Meltzer's experience in leading global, international companies will be a great advantage to WizCom, in it's new strategy of creating new and wider global markets. This is accentuated in light of Wizcom's objectives in the cellular, PDA and enterprise markets and in context of the focus on strategic partnerships with industry leaders in these fields. Meltzer is quoted: "I am delighted at the prospect of working with Wizcom's new management team. Wizcom's technology and people are the platform from which we will make the necessary changes to ensure success"

Meir Shamir, WizCom's exiting chairman has been searching some time for an appropriate candidate to take on the role of Wizcom's business leadership. This has been a key element in the successful implementation of Wizcom's new strategy. Shamir says: "Wizcom possesses unparalleled technological and human assets. So far, Wizcom, has not been successful in translating these assets into financial results that reflect this strength. This discrepancy between the "dream" which was born with Quicktionary, and the current business reality has been disappointing to both founders and investors alike. Wizcom's reorganization is all about setting this straight. I am certain that the wealth of experience and business acumen Mr. Meltzer brings to this position will assist in driving the company in its new strategy. we look forward to achieving the success and the profitability which Wizcom deserves."

WizCom's third generation products, to be released in December of this year, are targeted at the mobile phone and PDA markets. At this time Wizcom is investing growing resources into its Business Development department as part of it's overall plan to penetrate those markets.

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