German Machine Vision Market Shows Record Growth of 28.4% / German manufacturers in particular are in great demand as system developers

FRANKFURT, Germany (ots/PROTEXT) - Some 250 companies in the German Machine Vision industry can present record-breaking results for 2000: a growth rate of 28.4% made it possible to exceed the barrier of 1 billion DM for the first time and to achieve sales of 1.105 billion DM (895 million in 1999). In the future, automation technology will be even more dominated by Machine Vision systems. According to the market poll 2001, the Machine Vision Group within VDMA is predicting another record- breaking result for the current year: growth rates of 30% or even more! Currently only between 15 and 20% of the market potential has been opened up and every day new ranges of application appear. As an example, Machine Vision - among many other uses - facilitates the miniaturization of products, the optimisation of production processes and the technical implementation of the "zero-errors- strategy". 61% of all sales are achieved in quality control and another 19% in the field of automation of production. Whether for surface inspection of continuous material like thin foils or steel bands of several kilometres of length, measurement of gear parts, the reading of optical characters and codes, or control of the completeness of circuit boards, Machine Vision systems always ensure the reliable identification and 100 per cent control of all products - rejects can be eliminated in time. In 2000 approximately 67% of sales were achieved through the distribution of Machine Vision systems, which were specifically made to meet the customer's needs or to fit into specific applications. 33% were achieved through production and distribution of Machine Vision components like cameras, frame grabbers, optics and illumination, processors and software tools. As to the export of German products, system suppliers and integrators were the main moving spirit and achieved a rise in the export rate from 35% (1999) to 44% (2000). A guide to this industry is available free of charge under In many cases the use of Machine Vision systems that enable machines and production units to "see", turns out to be the decisive competitive difference. Often the initial investment is repaid after a couple of months - then you'll start to earn pure cash! ots Original Text Service: VDMA Internet: Contact: VDMA Fachabteilung Industrielle Bildverarbeitung Lyoner Strasse 18 D-60528 Frankfurt Germany Phone: +49-69-6603-1501 Fax: +49-69-6603-1689 E-mail: Internet: IBV-2001/1 Manfred Hock +49 69 66 03-1466 +49 69 66 03-2466

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