The 6800 Capital Group Launches Website for Alternative

The 6800 Capital Group based in Princeton, New Jersey launched its web-site on Monday March 18th, 1999. The web-site can be found at, and contains the firm's investment philosophy, performance and statistical information on its proprietary funds, as well as market information that focuses on developments within the hedge fund and futures industry. The home page of the site is accessible to the public, while access to any other part of the site is restricted to qualified investors. In order for qualified investors to obtain access, they must fill out the registration page, or speak with a member of the firm's compliance department. Once the investor has been approved, the firm's compliance department will issue the investor a user-id and password that will allow them access to the site. The 6800 Capital Group, founded in 1988, is an investment manager specializing in the control of risk through the investment in alternative investments and strategies. These include domestic and international equity, fixed income, options, foreign currencies, commodity and financial futures markets. The 6800 Capital Group offers its services to wealthy individuals, families, endowments, foundations, and institutions. Its flagship fund, Rembrandt Partners, was ranked as one of the top five risk- adjusted fund of funds for the twelve-month period ending January 31, 1999, according to Managed Account Reports. The 6800 Capital Group also provides continuous educational forums to endowments, foundations, family offices and pension funds in regards to alternative investments and their role in traditional investment portfolios. These events will be posted on the web-site as they occur. Robert T. Keck, President and CEO of 6800 Capital stated, "We strongly believe that if we help educate investors about the benefits of alternative investments as a balance to traditional portfolios, investors will be more likely to have a positive experience with their first investment. This will help our industry as a whole." ots Original Text Service: The 6800 Capital Group Internet: Contact: Kirk T. Rostron of The 6800 Capital Group, 609-921-6595, or fax, 609-683-1397, or Web site:

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