Coolhousing make dedicated virtual servers cheaper and faster

The Coolhousing company improves the present configurations of virtual dedicated servers by combining the benefits of virtualisation with the benefits of a dedicated server. Newly offered variants with SSD drives!

Today, terms such as cloud or virtualisation are almost unavoidable. You cannot close your eyes to the benefits of virtualisation. Therefore, even traditional providers of physical server hosting such as Coolhousing offer a service combining the best of both worlds: virtual dedicated servers.

A virtual dedicated server offers the combined benefits of the world of virtualisation such as backup, backup recovery, disaster recovery, migration of the environment, etc., and the benefits of dedicated servers such as guaranteed computing power or the possibility of connecting external peripherals. While in traditional virtual servers the physical device resources are shared among tens to hundreds customers, a virtual dedicated server is reserved for a handful or even a single customer. Only in this case it is possible to guarantee the service parameters to the full extent and throughout its duration.

New configurations start at a value slightly exceeding CZK 1,000 per month (EUR 37 per month), for which you will get 4 virtual processor cores, 8 GB RAM and 300 GB of drive space. The maximum standard tariff rate reaches up to 20 GB RAM and 1 TB of drive space.

The variants with SSD drives offering extreme power are even more interesting: Four to six virtual cores, 16 to 30 GB RAM, 300 to 1000 GB drive storage and an additional 80 to 110 GB on fast SSD storage, e.g., for rapid operation of databases.

Each of the virtual dedicated servers included in the Coolhousing standard offer may be further enhanced at any time. The server will increase the operational memory, processing power, or even both of them. Thus, in the dedicated virtual server offer, Coolhousing customers, as always, receive a tailored customisable service that can achieve very high performance.

For the full Coolhousing virtual dedicated server offer visit the Company's website

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