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PRAGUE, Sept 21 (APROTEXT) - European Business Enterprise Ltd. thanks users of

The European Business Enterprise, Ltd. would like to thank to users of the Czech MARKETPLACE for their confidence in this new tool for the fast information exchange between small and moderate-size companies. On the 15th of August 2000 the number of active system users reached 100 and on the 19th of September it already crossed 200 ! The 200th registered company is the advertisement agency of Dr. Necas, which takes the advantage od the EBE Ltd. offer for further cooperation. Dr. Necas intends to join the program of authorized i-server partners and distribute the advertisements of this portal to other Czech companies.

At the same time the boundary of 2000 daily displayed i- server pages from more than 200 unique IP addresses was reached. The server was put under the testing on the 1st of May and the full operation started on the 30th of June.

The English mutation of the i-server has contributed to the overall increase of usage frequency by opening the portal also to foreign users.

This step also enabled the mutual cooperation with more than twenty foreign servers of the similar kind. The development of full English version will be finished in the end of October by introducing the on-line advertisement offers, demands and other information resources of the i-server. Concurrently, several add- on services will be started in both language mutations to make the communication between the users and the server more efficient.

Making these steps the EBE Ltd. enterprise intends to enter the database service market in the Central Europe.

The EBE Ltd. enterprise would like to invite all companies aiming at the advertisement and promotion market and distributors of IT technologies to join its Czech authorized partnership program. Contact: M-Kontakt, PR agency Mgr.Jitka Machackova,, tel/fax 688 1229, 0603- 492544

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