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Demonstrating to be self- learning, two new software suites from Merck KGaA help to optimise chromatographic processes in the analytical laboratory. Developed from the proven ChromSword system, ChromSword Auto finds the optimal chromatogram for analytical applications and ChromSword ADS optimises sample preparation. Both programmes are being launched by Merck at Analytica 2000 in Munich. Just before going home, the user can place his samples in the Autosampler - and next morning ChromSword Auto will have selected the optimal chromatogram. Virtual chromatography determines the optimal start conditions for the separation on hand and the self- learning intelligence incorporated in ChromSword Auto then makes all the necessary decisions for subsequent optimal separation. The number of runs necessary for optimisation of the process is hence reduced to a minimum. The result: ChromSword Auto provides up to five different isocratic, linear and multi-stage gradient conditions, including the relevant chromatograms. This innovative software is eminently suited to the development of new methods as well as for the optimisation of already established ones. ChromSword ADS, the twin programme, simulates on screen an otherwise time-consuming and costly sample preparation. This releases laboratory staff for other important work and increases the flexibility and overall efficiency of the lab. ChromSword ADS can also be used to simulate various matrix models and to try out various conditions for the sample preparation of biological liquids such as plasma, serum and saliva. ChromSword Auto is now incorporated in the new LaChrom 2000 HPLC System from Merck and Hitachi. ChromSword ADS can be seen as a demonstration version at Analytica 2000 in Munich. ots Original Text Service: Merck KGaA Internet: Contact Alexandra Klimm Tel. +49 6151 72 2213 Fax +49 6151 72 7707 E-mail E-mail: Internet http ://

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