Computer Software Manufaktur Holds an Internet Security Conference in Vienna / CSM Security Meeting on April 6-7, 2000, in Vienna

Computer Software Manufaktur GmbH (CSM) is inviting professional Internet users, IT specialists, partner companies and customers to Vienna for a conference that will deal with security in the Internet on April 6-7, 2000. Speakers and the following practical training session will deal with the increased need for security, developments and solutions. The explosive growth of the Internet has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of attacks on Internet systems. As a result, it is becoming more and more important for companies to protect their networks and important data against such threats. CSM offers complete strategic solutions, especially for operators of large Local Area Networks (LANs). At the conference in Vienna, basic security needs of users and complete solutions will be discussed. Following the presentations, attendees will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with CSM solutions in actual practice and extensively test CSM solutions. The meeting will start on April 6 at 2:00 p.m. in the rooms of the UTA, A-1090 Vienna, Universitätsstrasse 5, with presentations and discussions and then continue on April 7 with practical operation. Industry professionals may attend the first part of the event free of charge. The price for attending the practical training session is 280 Euro per person. CSM is an internationally active company that concentrates on Internet security and has locations in Vienna, Frankfurt and Salt Lake City in the U.S.A. as well as partner companies throughout the world. CSM's products, which are used in some 80 countries, include Proxy Server (world market share 15 percent), Firewall, Content-Inspector, SiteBlocker and MailScanner. CSM's present companies and target audiences include large banks, insurance companies, industrial companies and governmental authorities as well as hospitals and schools that use CSM solutions to better control their Internet access and obtain economical security. CSM will celebrate its tenth anniversary this year. ots Original Text Service: CSM Internet: For further information: CSM Software Manufaktur GmbH (CSM) Heinz Drstak Phone +43-1-5134415 Fax +43-1-5134402 E-mail Internet

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