Dr. Zisi Fotev appointed as Vice President of Business Development of atugen Aktiengesellschaft

atugen Aktiengesellschaft today announced the appointment of Dr. Zisi Fotev to the position of the Vice President of Business Development. He relocated to atugen from his former position at Merck, Darmstadt, as Head of Licensing and Strategic Alliances in the pharmaceutical division. His responsibilities at atugen will include directing atugen's business development activities, corporate development and intellectual property. These activities will include responsibility for all existing and future corporate collaborations. Dr. Fotev received a BA of Science in Pathology & Microbiology in 1983 at the University of Western Australia, Perth. In 1991 he received his Ph.D. in Medical Physiology at the University of Tübingen, Germany. He joined Merck KgA, Darmstadt, Germany in 1991 as the Head of Atherosclerosis & Restenosis Labs. and started his business development career in 1997. He accomplished a number of successful deals at Merck including acquisitions of Lexigen, the negotiation of in-licensing technologies and products, and the formation of strategic alliances. With Dr. Fotev on board, atugen successfully achieved the formation of a full management team. His appointment is at an important phase due to the increasing awareness of atugen's technology and potential increase in collaborations. Atugen AG is a German biotechnology company with its headquarters in Berlin, and a subsidiary in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Using GeneblocsTM Atugen discovers and validates pharmaceutical targets. Atugen's mission is to provide its pharmaceutical partners with cost-effective, high throughput target analysis, plus in vitro and in vivo target validation to accelerate the drug development process. Atugen's current collaborations include Roche Bioscience, Chiron Corporation, Glaxo-Wellcome, Bayer, Millenium, Boehringer Ingelheim, Astra Zeneca, Parke Davis and Schering AG through its US affiliate, Berlex Pharmaceutical Corporation. The atugen website is available at www.atugen.com ots Original Text Service: atugen Aktiengesellschaft Internet: http://www.newsaktuell.de Contact: Dr. Jörg Pötzsch atugen Aktiengesellschaft Robert-Rössle-Str. 10 13125 Berlin Phone: +49 30 9489 2700

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