OTI introduces its new technological break through at the CeBIT 2000 - The OTI Combi-Module

OTI has announced today the introduction of a new revolutionary product: the combi-module. The new patented product is demonstrated by OTI at the CeBIT 2000 exhibition in Hanover, Germany, in hall 23 booth # D17A1. The Combi-Module is a smart card module that contains on board both contact pads and contactless antenna. With the normal module dimensions of 13mm X 14mm, the Combi Module is the smallest dual interface device available in the market. The Combi-Module substrate is capable to host on board the most sophisticated microprocessors available and to power them by its tiny on-board antenna. The new product represents a technological breakthrough in the contactless smart card market. For the first time, the antenna of the contactless interface is an integral part of the module itself, situated together with the normal contact pads. "It was indeed a rewarding challenge to overcome" said OTI's Vice President of R&D, Ronnie Gilboa. "Not only did we have to supply the microprocessor with energy by such a small antenna, but we also had to overcome the problem of the contact pads blocking the magnetic field. The results are excelent". The Combi-Module is solving a serious problem in manufacturing of dual interface cards (contact / contactless). There is no need any more to have the costly production of plastic card with embedded antenna and the problematic connection between the card's antenna and the module. With OTI's Combi-Module, the production of dual interface cards becomes as easy as the production of contact cards. Any contact smart card manufacturer can now implement the Combi-Module into a plastic card with the same machinery already available. The production cost reduction is obvious. Due to its small size, the Combi-Module may be used also for other packages such as keyfobs, if there is no need for use of the contact interface. OTI is now starting the mass production of the new Combi- Module and expects it to become a standard de-facto in the market for cost effective dual interface cards. About OTI OTI is the world's pioneer in microprocessor-based contactless smart card technology. The company has developed a portfolio of patented contactless smart card technologies, including the microprocessor-based contactless/contact EYECON' MultiCard system, which provides optional DES, Triple-DES, RSA or ECC level data encryption between the card and the reader. In 1997, OTI was awarded the prestigious ESCAT Award for the "Most Innovative Smart Card Accomplishment of the Year." Established in 1990, OTI has applied its technologies in a variety of applications worldwide. The implementation of numerous applications such as the electronic purse, mass transit, parking, gas management systems, loyalty schemes, ID and security as well as other unique customized applications have put OTI and its products at the cutting edge of contactless smart card technology. Headquartered in Israel, OTI has offices and subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, Africa, and China. For more information, please visit OTI's website www.oti.co.il Contact: Ofer Tziperman, VP Marketing, OTI Kirchhoff Consult AG Tel: +972-6-693-8884 Britta Cirkel Fax: +972-6-693-8887 Tel. 040 - 609 186 50 E-mail: ofer-t@inter.net.il Fax: 040 - 609 186 71 OTI On Track Innovations Ltd. Z.H.R. Industrial Zone P.O. Box 32 Rosh Pina 12000 Israel Tel. 00972-6-693884 Fax: 00972-6- 6938887 Internet: www.oti.co.i

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