First World Health Forum / 10th - 13th May 2000 in Interlaken, Switzerland

For the first time, health professionals, policy makers and politicians will meet at the World Health Forum, 10 - 13 May 2000 at the Hotel Viktoria- Jungfrau in Interlaken, Switzerland. World Health Forum 2000 will be the first in a series of international symposia on the most pressing issues in health and health care. Top of the agenda is the challenge of creating better, fairer health systems for all in a complex global economy. The world community faces unprecedented patterns of mass population movement, global transmission of diseases and inequality in health chances. Under the title "Implementing health systems: social solidarity and market realism", this first World Health Forum will discuss and take a new stance on the relationships between health and human rights, physical environment and social, cultural and political factors. World Health Forum 2000 will create chances for disparate groups to meet and exchange views on new ways of collaborating. Chairman of the WHF Foundation and member of the Swiss Parliament, Jost Gross, says, "We are very excited at the prospect of a dialogue between clinicians, managers, policy makers and representatives of health related industries, working together to help the world's most disadvantaged citizens." An initial press conference will be held on march 21st, 11.30 a.m. Hotel Schweizerhof, Berne (Switzerland) ots Original Text Service: World Health Forum Internet: Further information may be obtained at or from the WHF Executive Committee phone +41 61 686 77 11, fax +41 61 686 77 88, e-mail info@worldhealthforum.

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