Andrew exhibits at CeBIT 2000, Hall 24, Stand E10 / 24th February - 1st March

Andrew Corporation (NASDAQ:ANDW) exhibits at CeBit 2000 in Hannover. The Andrew stand E10 in Hall 24 will feature a selection of products for telecommunication, cellular, PCN, and paging markets. Products on show at CeBit 2000 will include: - NEW - Heliax VXL5-50 extra-flexible coaxial cables for jumper free wireless applications. - NEW - RingFlare(TM) One Piece (TM) connectors. Fully integrated connectors that install ten-times faster than multiple component connectors. - Weather protection for HELIAX cable, including butyl and rubber tape kits to provide additional moisture protection, and ColdShrink(TM) a weatherproofing solution that slips over the cable connection and compresses around the interface. - NEW - Go Station(TM) Terminal Packages - a family of small earth station terminal packages for Internet backbone connection, IP data networking, and other transmission applications. - NEW - ValuLine(R) Flat Plate Antennas- extremely low profile, lightweight antennas for 23, 27 and 38 GHz, Point-to- Point and Point-to-Multipoint. applications. - NEW - RADIAX(R) RCT-Series cable, a new cable specifically designed for tunnel ad in-building RF communications. Recently RADIAX cables have been used for distributed communications systems in the Nuremeberg metropolitan's airport extension project and for emergency communications in Munich's new exhibition center. Andrew Corporation is a global supplier of communications systems equipment and services. Major markets are wireless communications -- which includes cellular, personal communications services, and land mobile radio -- broadcast, and common carrier. Andrew is an S&P 500 company whose common stock trades on The Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol: ANDW. For further information on Andrew products and services, including the text of this release, visit our Web site at ots Original Text Service: Andrew Corporation Internet: Contact: Greta Brown Tel: (USA) 708-349-5661 Fax: (USA) 708-349-5222 E-mail:

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