VisioWave Sets New Standards for High Quality Digital Video Networking/Editing & TV over Internet And Unveils VisioWave CPCI 4(R) And DreamWave(R)

VisioWave is at CeBIT - Hannover February 24/ March 1 - Halle 16 / D45 Companies and organization in every area can now have performant and high quality solutions to integrate video in their business processes to optimize their organization and increase their competitivity. VisioWave S.A. today announced new building blocks for its award winning digital video networking and editing solutions using Wavelets compression. VisioWave CPCI 4 is a four independent Wavelets CODECs Compact PCI module. VisioWave CPCI 4 will be integrated in the industrial VisioWave Digital Video Switch mainly for video surveillance and multi-source video broadcast. VisioWave Industrial Digital Video switch start at $ 12 500. First customer shipments for this module will take place in April 00. DreamWave is a low cost Wavelets ultra short PCI video CODEC priced at $500 and aimed at personal and semi- professional digital video editing as well as for low video port density Digital Video Networking applications. First customer shipments for this module will start in March 00. "We are extremely proud to announce these new elements that will strongly re-enforce our video solutions. This is the consequence of intense R&D efforts in new generation video processing and streaming techniques. VisioWave is the first company to accomplish this major step forward in the area of digital video networking, TV over Internet and editing" said Yann Guyonvarch, CEO of VisioWave. "This is excellent news for all type of organizations, public or private as well as for consumers, waiting for affordable, performant and operational solutions to integrate high quality video in their communication processes. Healthcare, Banking, Army, Industry, Governments, Retail, Transportation, Education etc...are dying for this sort of solutions, simply because video is the best way to communicate. VisioWave's solutions enable them to enhance their existing data networks with video capabilities whatever is the technology implemented: ATM, Ethernet, IP, xDSL, Cable, Wireless...". "Also I can now announce that VisioWave has just been awarded as the winner of the "Technologiestandort Schweiz" national innovation competition and received a special price from Siemens, as an example of new technological software and hardware solutions and innovation value in the area of information and communication technologies." VisioWave solutions are optimized specifically to meet the demands of today's high-performance digital video editing and streaming over computer networks: New generation compression algorithm for Digital Video Editing and Networking: VisioWave relentlessly invested in a new generation video compression technology which is now the cornerstone of the future JPEG 2000 standard ( The wavelets compression technology provides unique advantages and performances: high quality video, low cost, real-time coding & transmission, low network bandwidth requirements (3 to 5 times less than M-JPEG), no artefact, no pixelisation, low processing power for software- only decompression, full screen or multiple active software decoded video windows and amplified image processing & treatment. Video streaming over any kind of network: VisioWave's vision brought it to invest in open and advanced solutions that allow customers to be independent of the network infrastructure but with quality of service, as opposed to a lot of solutions providing best effort low poor quality video. VisioWave solutions provide video streaming over Internet and any private or public LAN/MAN/WAN high rate network infrastructures (ATM, Ethernet, ADSL, Cable, Wireless...) with Quality of service management and Network traffic optimization with Multicast IP. A modular Software Suite for video editing, video broadcast, video forum and conference, video on demand and video surveillance: From drivers to GUIs, VisioWave software is designed and architectured for performances, simplicity, ease of use, scalability, portability and easy maintenance. VisioWave systems include surveillance video servers management software, storage manager, surveillance center, monitor manager, video broadcast access manager, video forum manager, html plug-in for web-based video clients and an ActiveX SDK for customization and integration in applications. Interfaces are also available for popular applications such as Microsoft MediaServer, MediaPlayer and NetMeeting. VisioWave solution can run Windows 98, NT, 2000, LINUX and BeOS About VisioWave With several hundreds of video ports installed worldwide, VisioWave is establishing a new brand name in the fields of digital video streaming and TV over Internet and corporate networks. VisioWave delivers solutions for video broadcast, video on demand, video forum or conference and video surveillance, as well as in the Digital Video Editing market. The combination of its new generation video streaming and networking techniques allows VisioWave to provide complete and integrated solutions connecting more users than any other digital video networking company. VisioWave S.A.- Surf the Video Wave(tm). ots Original Text Service: VisioWave S.A. Internet: Contact: For further information, visit VisioWave's World Wide Web site at or contact us at VisioWave, World Trade Center / CP 476, CH- 1000 Lausanne 30 phone ++41/21/641 10 80, fax ++41/21/641 10 81 VisioWave and DeamWave are registered trademarks of VisioWave S.A.

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