TC TrustCenter expands mobile E-Commerce activities

TC TrustCenter - one of Germany's leading certification authorities - has joined the global initiative Radicchio. This move enables TC TrustCenter to strengthen its activities in the sector for wireless application security. Branching out from the company's existing business, TC TrustCenter now aims to service the booming market for wireless communications by providing a variety of products and services that ensure secure and authentic wireless communication. Today it is possible to use a mobile phone to access a wide variety of electronic services around the clock, such as internet banking or online stock brokering. Until now, one of the key considerations which has prevented customers from utilizing the full potential of such services has been the perceived lack of security for payments and transactions conducted through a mobile device. "Together with renowned companies, including mobile operators, device manufacturers, system integrators and financial institutes, we will be joining Radicchio in clearing the road for secure, convenient wireless e-commerce solutions," stated Product Manager Michael Sillus of TC TrustCenter. And Stefan Engel-Flechsig, Managing Director of Sonera SmartTrust Germany and founding member of the Radicchio initiative accentuates "The global work of the Radicchio members stands to benefit significantly by the inflow of the outstanding domestic and international expertise in the area of certification authorities that the Hamburg company TC TrustCenter has." E-commerce providers with a WAP server can enrol for a free trial demo certificate at About TC TrustCenter: TC TrustCenter GmbH is a security provider; our mission is provide security for all internet users. TC TrustCenter issues electronic certificates which enable secure, authentic communication through the internet. There are a wide number of areas in which electronic certificates play an important role, ranging from secure e-mails, e-commerce applications right through to applications for closed user groups. TC TrustCenter's aim is to attain full compliance with the rigorous requirements of the German laws governing digital signatures, and to become one of the leading certification providers in Europe. Our application for registration is currently being processed. TC TrustCenter is working proactively in national and international committees to establish standardization guidelines and marketing networks for security infrastructures. TC TrustCenter is a subsidiary of Germany's four leading private financial institutes, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank and HypoVereinsbank. The Radicchio Initiative: "Radicchio" is a global initiative planning to bring together companies and customers in order to make e-commerce secure. To accomplish this objective cryptographic infrastructures based on the public key method will be established. "Radicchio" already counts more than 30 members from Europe, North America and Asia. You will find more information on the Internet at ots Original Text Service: TC TrustCenter GmbH Internet: Your contact person is: Ms Christina Zucker TC TrustCenter GmbH Sonninstraße 24 - 28, 20097 Hamburg Telephone: (+49) (0)40 / 808026-410, Fax: (+49) (0)40 / 808026-126 E-mail: Internet: You can also access this press release (as a RTF file) as well as a wealth of background information and pictures on our website at

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