The friendlyway virtual sales assistants are learning how to talk / Virtual sales assistant chat with customers in retail trade outlets

The friendlyway virtual sales assistants are intelligent Internet stations in retail trade outlets, where customers can access product information. In supermarkets, for example, customers can remove products from the shelves and hold them in front of the Internet sales assistant's barcode scanner. It recognises the product, automatically calls up information from the Internet and displays it on a flat screen. Up until now, the problem with regard to Internet-based sales information has been the long loading times for multimedia files (e.g. spoken language to be able to address customers acoustically). This new generation of virtual sales assistants, special software recognises the accessed Internet contents and, if requested, recites these to the customer in an electronic voice. This means that there are no loading times. Klaus Trox, friendlyway director, claims that customers will find it easier to understand the speaking virtual sales assistant. Friendlyway AG is specialised in friendliness in customer communication in Internet and retail trade. Its Internet solutions for retail trade are tailor made for this purpose. As a result of the staff cut backs of the last few years, customers hardly receive any assistance at all, especially in large department stores. This is why customers choose the cheaper of two alternative brands, without having any information with regard to their inner values. In addition, GfK surveys have revealed that 60-80 % of all customer decisions are made in the shop itself. This is why friendlyway offers manufacturers Internet solutions which they can use to convince their customers on the shop floor at hardly any cost at all. For example, the virtual sales assistant costs DM 98/day (for 6 months) in comparison to ca. DM 300/day for a real sales assistant. Other solutions for example, include the speaking product with a telephone advice hotline from the shelf directly to the manufacturer's call centre, or the virtual branch with which Internet providers can come to their customers (e.g. for sending flowers at an airport). Friendlyway AG plans to float on the Neue Markt. Please visit the friendlyway AG stand at the CEBIT, hall 8, stand A35. ots Original Text Service: Friendlyway AG Internet: If you wish further information, please contact: Mr. Stütz, Tel.: 089/95 97 91 55, Fax 089/95 07 91-40 or Please also visit the friendlyway homepage:

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