Joint General Meeting Held by The Fi SYSTEM Group

During the Joint General Meeting held by the Fi SYSTEM Group at the company head office (19, rue du Quatre Septembre, Paris, France) on the 30th December 1999, the following resolutions were passed: Appointments Alain Giraud was elected Chairman of the Fi SYSTEM Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board appointed Thierry Thevenet Chairman of the Executive Board. These changes will bring about new managerial appointments, thus enabling the group to be in an even stronger position to handle the substantial growth forecast for the year 2000. Further details of the aforementioned new appointments will be announced in the coming weeks. Fi SYSTEM's Mergers with CoPlaNet, Probase, In Fine Conseil, Sogefi and Stratelite. It was also decided that the mergers with CoPlaNet SA, Probase SA, In Fine Conseil SA and Sogefi SARL, subsidiaries under Fi SYSTEM's 100% ownership, would be backdated to the 1st January 1999. This operation will consequently enable Fi SYSTEM to provide a thorough and complete overview of activity within the group for 1999. Within the framework of Fi SYSTEM's merger-acquisition of Stratelite SA, all Stratelite's assets and liabilities have been transferred to Fi SYSTEM, leading to an increase in Fi SYSTEM capital of FF550,640, through the creation of 110,128 new shares with a nominal value of FF5 each. This increase in capital, aimed at remunerating Stratelite shareholders, has been approved by Fi SYSTEM shareholders. Fi SYSTEM Share Nominal Value to be Divided by Five. Finally, it was also decided during the Joint General Meeting that the nominal value of each share be divided by five, from FF5 to FF1, thus creating 9,485,580 new shares to be issued to shareholders at the rate of 4 new shares for one previously held, allowing for increased liquidity of the shares on the Stock Exchange. Further Information about Fi SYSTEM ( The Fi SYSTEM Group* is a Web Agency. Founded in 1992, the company handles the Consulting, Artistic Design and Technical Implementation sides of Internet and intranet site projects for major European clients and 'DotComs'. The Fi SYSTEM group has teams in France (Paris, Rhone-Alpes, Mediterranean) Spain (Barcelona) and the United Kingdom (London), with a portfolio that includes more than 400 I*Net references. The group can provide Internet Marketing and Strategy, System Transfer Organisation and Monitoring, Interactive Design and Communication, New Technology Engineering, Back-Office Management, as a global service with guaranteed results, in order to respond efficiently to Internet issues. The Fi SYSTEM workforce throughout Europe is currently 400 strong. Finally, since the 7th October 1998, Fi SYSTEM has been listed on the Nouveau Marche of the Paris Stock Exchange (Sicovam code 6588 Reuters FISY.LN). *made up of Fi SYSTEM, Fi Iberica, Ubicco, CoPlaNet, Probase, In Fine Conseil, Stratelite and the KORD Group. For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with: Jerome Leroy, Head of Press Relations Email: Jerome Ladousse, Financial Director Email: Tel: +33 (0) Fi SYSTEM - 19, Rue du Quatre Septembre, 75002 Paris, France ots Original Text Service: Fi SYSTEM Group Internet: Contact: Jerome Leroy, Head of Press Relations,, or Jerome Ladousse, Financial Director,, both of Fi SYSTEM Group, +33-1-55-04-03-03 Web site:

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